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"Is it OKAY if we share information with others about our ceremonies?"

~ Voice of the Anishinaabe (Simone McLeod)

"Sleeping Medicine People", acrylic on canvas
© 2014 Simone McLeod /Click on image to Enlarge/
~ For additional info about this painting click HERE

The following is statement of the Anishinaabe/Canadian painter Ms. Simone McLeod, previously published on Facebook:
"Not the first time I have heard this question. I like to look at the life of Norval Morrisseau when someone asks. In my travels East, I was astounded and dismayed at how many of my people did not even know who Morrisseau was. I think that our "elders" should at least know him. After all, was he not the first aboriginal artist who began to paint our sacred ceremonies and sacred teachings?

I recall when I was younger, how superstitious our people were about mentioning anything that had to do with ceremony. I do not sit here and mock them. I am in total understanding. It was not long ago that our people were "savagely murdered" for showing anything historically traditional about who we were. This is where our fear was born.

It was the Church who further instilled the doctrine of "savage" on our people then, and it is still happening today. It is most unfortunate that it is now Us, as a direct result of the first waves of Indian Residential School Survivors who begin to lead our next generations of "elders" and "healers" with the initial infection of "replaced religion" silently veiled behind many of our intentions. The bigger question we must ask ourselves today is "Is it really alright to allow an outside religion to determine how we address the Grandfathers in ceremony simply because that is what survivors feel most comfortable with?" I think the answer is No. I do not know of any Church who would invite a Spiritual Advisor/Healer into the flock just to make some feel better. But that is getting off my point.

When Morrisseau received his vision to paint his subject matter, I am not sure if he was fully aware of how many lives he would change. I do not even think he understood what a gift he would be giving back to his Anishinaabe people. Or how, from that day on to forever, how his work began a strong and powerful "documentation process" which causes curiosity to grow, not only in the hearts and souls of his people, but also caused true adoration and feelings of curious respect for all our people, to grow in the hearts of non-natives.

I remember when I began to grow in my career as an artist, in the beginning a few said "women are not supposed to paint!" Or "this is a man’s job!" I knew they were making references to my nerve at having the audacity to try and take my place beside men who apparently reserved the right to share our traditional ways through art. It is like this in ceremony today. Mostly in the Plains regions. As I travelled East, male attitudes towards females exhibited our traditional respect towards the women in our communities. Whereas on the plains we often get chastised for being "dirty" when we are on moon time etc. makes me wonder if perhaps first contact or control of our people began on the plains. Sometimes I cannot help but wonder if the males on the plains are offended that we even have the right to vote!

I often sit and wonder if Morrisseau felt ostracized for his needs to create images that were and are invaluable to our people today. When it comes to artists and ceremony, I feel it is important to acknowledge his contribution to igniting the traditional fires that beat in many of our hearts today. He ignited mine, causing memory to stir. I paint in the hopes that I too will ignite traditional fires in my people. Our ceremonies were never hidden in the context we have been led to believe. They had to go underground so we could survive as a people. The time to share is upon us! At times when so many of our young people have never even left urban areas, this social media gives all of us a chance to reach out and guide them home if that is what they want. We cannot hide any longer.

Miigwech and thanks for reading."

Simone McLeod Blog
Artwork by Simone McLeod /Facebook/

* The above statement by Ms. McLeod was approved for posting on this platform.

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Continuous malicious behaviour of Mr. Ritchie Sinclair towards the Legacy of Norval Morrisseau

 "Genuine Norval Morrisseau Collage" by Spirit Walker
~ All paintings © by Norval Morrisseau
/For detailed examination click on image to Enlarge/


/All of these paintings were part of six court cases which over the period of seven years have never been able to successfully point out one case where it was proven that someone made, sold, distributed or even marketed one "fake" Norval Morrisseau painting - FOR MORE INFO SEE BELOW/


Critical scientific professional analysis has hit pay dirt once again! But leaves an agonizing conclusion that Norval Morrisseau, his manager Mr. Gabor Vadas and his wife Michele, were all in on a 'market conspiracy' to dismiss earlier works of art by the artist himself and to knock out the competition. Was Norval Morrisseau able to make any judgement for himself and that Mr. Vadas and his wife Michele acted on their own to take advantage of a frail man for their own personal gain? These affidavits were signed by Norval Morrisseau who was not of a sound mind and who supposedly made claim that artworks like these included in below listed documents were not painted by him?!

One of these sworn affidavits, sent to Mr. Gary Lamont, allegedly signed in the presence of a Notary Public would conveniently and mysteriously show up on the internet shortly after the death of Norval Morrisseau who passed away on December 4th 2007 (click HERE & HERE).

In this affidavit (click HERE) there was also presented a set of seven with fourteen signatures written by pencil on front and painted with a dry brush (DB) technique on the verso of each of the acrylic paintings on paper (SEE SEVEN IMAGES OF GENUINE NORVAL MORRISSEAU ARTWORKS ABOVE, BOTTOM ROW). These fourteen signatures have been positively identified to have been authored by Norval Morrisseau. These discoveries were conducted and documented by Full Time Forensic Document Examiner Mr. Kenneth J. Davies of 'Hawkeye Studios (Grapho-Lab® Services)' (Calgary, Alberta). This report is dated July 29th, 2011.

NOTE: This report has been generated for Ugo Matulić of Calgary, Alberta and is the first in a series of Forensic Reports done by Mr. Davies analyzing the Signatures on artworks done by Norval Morrisseau. 

* These documents are from a series of allegedly signed Norval Morrisseau's sworn affidavits which involve the following galleries and/or individuals:

1. Maslak McLeod Gallery, Toronto, Ontario (click HERE and HERE);
   /Signed by Norval Morrisseau on March 14th and April 24th, 2003/ 

2. Artworld of Sherway, Toronto, Ontario (click HERE);
   /Signed by Norval Morrisseau on September 22nd, 2004/ 

3. Gallery Sunami, North York, Ontario (click HERE); 
    /Signed by Norval Morrisseau on November 30th, 2004/ 

4. Bearclaw, Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta (click HERE); 
   /Signed by Norval Morrisseau on April 8th, 2005/ 

5. Randy Potter Auctions, Port Hope, Ontario (click HERE) &
    /Signed by Norval Morrisseau on November 30th, 2004/

6. Mr. Gary Lamont, Thunder Bay, Ontario (click HERE).
  /Signed by Norval Morrisseau on November 30th, 2004/

NOTES: Ten of the paintings shown in the above "Genuine Norval Morrisseau Collage" are part of allegedly signed Norval Morrisseau's sworn affidavits which were sent to Artworld of Sherway, Gallery Sunami, Randy Potter Auctions and Mr. Gary Lamont

All of the paintings presented above are part of the numerous court cases which have been appearing in Ontario court rooms since April 2007. Important note is that nobody has ever been successful in pointing out one case where it was proven that someone made, sold, distributed or even marketed one "fake" Norval Morrisseau painting.

Other paintings also certified by forensic science are number of paintings listed in allegedly signed Norval Morrisseau's sworn affidavit sent to Maslak McLeod Gallery from Toronto Ontario (click HERE).

~ It is important to note that these allegedly signed Norval Morrisseau's sworn affidavits were addressed to the main competitors of the principal Morrisseau dealers which were closely associated with Mr. Gabor Vadas and, for the last decade of his life, incapacitated Norval Morrisseau: Kinsman Robinson Galleries from Toronto, Ontario and Coghlan Art Studio & Gallery in Aldergrove BC.


>>> In currently active court cases HEARN vs. MASLAK McLEOD GALLERY & McDERMOTT vs. MASLAK McLEOD GALLERY both, Mr. Hearn's and Mr. McDermott's opinions about autheniticity of their genuine Norval Morrisseau paintings came from no one else than Mr. Ritchie Sinclair of Toronto, Ontario - owner and operator of a notorious malicious website that claims that over 1,000 Morrisseau paintings - 99% of which he has never seen in person - are FORGERIES.

In one of his web posts, of October 23th, 2008, Mr. Sinclair candidly admitted as much, saying he was posting the images only “for inspiration and enjoyment.”

He stated further that, "With the exception of paintings that I witnessed painted or exhibited by Morrisseau I have no way of discerning whether the images shown here are all authentic Morrisseau originals." (click HERE).

"His (Ritchie Sinclair's) methodology in identifying forgeries [1] is clearly inadequate and suspect since he testified that he does not even view the original paintings before condemning them as fakes." (Judgment by Judge Paul J Martial: March 25th, 2013 - Page 16; "Hatfield vs. Artworld of Sherway" /Court File No. SC-09-087264-0000/)

[1] Mr. Ritchie Sinclair did not just label genuine Morrisseau paintings as forgeries... he had also labeled genuine Norval Morrisseau limited edition prints as "Inferior Prints" (click HERE).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Mr. Ritchie Sinclair allegedly states that his website is dedicated to the memory of Norval Morrisseau who he considers to be his "friend, mentor, brother, comrade, chum, hero, misfit and maestro." He also allegedly states that his notorious malicious website "brings the important issue of Morrisseau forgery proliferation into the public spotlight."

It is obvious that Mr. Sinclair is not interested at all in protecting his mentor's legacy as he continues to ignore the conclusive findings of the three top internationally recognized Forensic Document Examiners and Handwriting Experts from Ottawa, Toronto and Calgary (click HERE).

~ At least 40 paintings, certified by forensic science [2], continue to be maliciously labeled as FORGERIES on Mr. Sinclair's notorious malicious website... For .PDF screen grabs click 1. HERE, 2. HERE, 3. HERE, 4. HERE, 5. HERE, 6. HERE, 7. HERE, 8. HERE, 9. HERE, 10. HERE, 11. HERE, 12. HERE, 13. HERE, 14. HERE, 15. HERE, 16. HERE, 17. HERE, 18. HERE, 19. HERE, 20. HERE, 21. HERE, 22. HERE & 23. HERE.

[2] - The above presented genuine Norval Morrisseau artworks were examined and certified by the following Forensic Document Examiners and Handwriting Experts: Mr. Brian Lindblom of 'The Document Examination Consultants Inc.' (Ottawa, Ontario), Dr. Atul K. Singla of Worldwide Forensic Services Inc. (Toronto, Ontario) &  Mr. Kenneth J. Davies of 'Hawkeye Studios (Grapho-Lab® Services)' (Calgary, Alberta). 

>>> In these two above mentioned court cases HEARN vs. MASLAK McLEOD GALLERYMcDERMOTT vs. MASLAK McLEOD GALLERY the Plaintiffs' legal counsel, Mr. Jonathan Sommer, also represented the Plaintiff in a recent court case Hatfield, Margaret Lorraine vs. Child, Donna and Artworld of Sherway. This court case concluded with devastating consequences for the Plaintiff Ms. Margaret Hatfield of Sarnia, Ontario costing her more than $40,000 of her retirement money (click HERE for this landmark court decision* confirming the authenticity of thousands of Norval  Morrisseau paintings).

Mr. Ritchie Sinclair is an individual whose alleged "efforts to identify Norval’s true artistic legacy" are recognized by Donald C. Robinson of Kinsman Robinson Galleries ["AN EXAMINATION INTO THE AUTHENTICITY OF AN ALLEGED 1970'S NORVAL MORRISSEAU PAINTING" - EXPERT REPORT; September 10th, 2009; Page 74].

* - the Plaintiff's only witnesses in this related court case were Mr. Donald Robinson of Kinsman Robinson Galleries and Mr. Ritchie SinclairBoth, Mr. Robinson and Mr. Sinclair were discredited by the Paul J. Martial's judgement on April 2nd, 2013 (click HERE). 

>> Other individuals, associated with Mr. Sinclair, who influenced Plaintiff's decision in HEARN vs. MASLAK McLEOD GALLERY were Mr. Mark Anthony Jacobson a.k.a. PEY-SIM-AWAY-APEY-BINASI, artist from Vancouver BC and Mr. Bryant Ross, director of Coghlan Art Studio & Gallery in Aldergrove BC.

More information to follow...


After three years of investigation by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Thunder Bay Police Service and after six court cases over the period of seven years nobody has ever been successful in pointing out one case where it was proven that someone made, sold, distributed or even marketed one "fake" Norval Morrisseau painting.

1.1 - Otavnik vs. Vadas SC 07-51428-00,
2.1 - Michael Moniz vs. CTV Globemedia Publishing Inc.,
3.1 - Drs. Browne and Witmer vs. Bearclaw Gallery,
4.1 - Otavnik vs. Sinclair SC 09-00082782-0000,
4.2 - CASE SUMMARY: Otavnik vs. Sinclair SC 09-00082782-0000,
5.1 - Hatfield  vs. Child SC-09-087264-0000 &
6.1.- Kinsman Robinson Galleries vs. Ugo Matulic CV-10-417123.

~ In all of these court cases Forensic science have been used proving that paintings in question were signed by Norval Morrisseau and nobody else (click HERE and view posted paintings above).

Ugo Matulić a.k.a. Spirit Walker



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- Forensic Document Examination (Part I), - Experts in Norval Morrisseau's Art (Part I) /Ref.: Mr. Joseph McLeod/, - "Norval Morrisseau: The Development of the Woodland School of Art", 2002, - Genuine Morrisseau paintings: Appraised, Authenticated and Forensically Analyzed...,  - Norval Morrisseau authenticating his artworks, - Endorsement by Thunder Bay Art Gallery of genuine Morrisseau paintings from 1970's, - Authenticity Statement by Mr. Goyce Kakegamic, - Statutory Declaration by Mr. Robert Scott, - Statutory Declaration by Mr. Deiter John Voss, - Norval Morrisseau Declarations Are A Hoax /Michele and Gabor Vadas Exposed/ (Part I),Norval Morrisseau Declarations Are A Hoax /Michele and Gabor Vadas Exposed/ (Part II),Ugo Matulic wins $1,000,000 SLAPP suit against Kinsman Robinson Galleries (Part I), - Downloadable Norval Morrisseau Forensic Reports (Part I), - Downloadable Norval Morrisseau Forensic Reports (Part II), - Downloadable Norval Morrisseau Forensic Reports (Part III), - Downloadable Norval Morrisseau Forensic Reports (Part IV) & - Hatfield, Margaret Lorraine vs. Child, Donna and Artworld of Sherway (Part IV).

~ As per decision of the SUPREME COURT OF CANADA (December 22, 2009), journalists and other media, including bloggers, will be protected from lawsuits if they diligently try to verify information on matters that are in the public interest (click HERE for more information and/or check NORVAL MORRISSEAU BLOG's DISCLAIMER @ the bottom of this page ). ~ -

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Remembering Michael Moniz's Birthday Anniversay

Rui Miguel DeAguiar Moniz (September 11, 1965 - April 13, 2013)

He Humbled a Canadian Media Giant…

Exposed a Top Arts Journalist’s Professional Disgrace…

And saved a fine Morrisseau BDP* from the trash heap of history.

Alone against the “Establishment” this Canadian Morrisseau collector took on the biggest media giant in Canada (CTV Globemedia) and won a stunning moral, legal, and cultural victory, on March 10, 2009, on behalf of Canada, and all Canadians, and the artistic heritage of Norval Morrisseau.

The lonely battle he fought, at great personal expense, and distress, over two years, served to expose for all Canadians, how – from the very beginning - serial journalistic incompetence continues to be the main tool harnessed by those who attack the painting legacy of Norval Morrisseau, and in the process – together – grievously undermine and devalue the legitimate Aboriginal cultural heritage of Canada.

* - Paintings signed by the artist with a dry brush (DB) technique.

Source: theMorrisseauHoaxExposedBlog.com
             "Great Canadian Cultural Heritage Hero #1"

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