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"Esteemed Canadian" speaks about CRIMINAL THREATS that have been received before and after the making of the movie, "There Are No Fakes"


by Patty Schenck

Portrait of Norval Morrisseau

Portrait (White clay): 8'-0" x 3'-6" x 2'-2" (Height x Width x Depth)
Staff (White clay): 3'-10" x 1'-10" x 10" (Height x Width x Depth)
/The portrait has not yet been cast into bronze & it is available for purchase/
* Inquires from patrons and cultural institutions wordwide are welcomed-

Susan Murar in her Studio
It is my impression, that there are Canadians in various 'positions' in the arts in Canada (within their abilities to influence public opinion across this great land of ours) who are trying to wreck the "legacy" of one of Canada's greatest artists, Norval Morrisseau (1931-2007). I cannot think of a time, place, or similar personalities in the history of Canadian art that attempted to do the same - to any artist on the Canadian landscape. I have been following this story now, for many years, and it seems that it started with one person wanting to "go public" with the information that he had a short liaison with Morrisseau and wanting to make the most of that - suddenly became Morrisseau's "protégé"...many years go by, and this "protégé" is in the headlines quoted as being the 'expert' on "real" paintings or "not real" paintings by Morrisseau. I am very sorry for this, and if Morrisseau were here today, I would apologize to him profusely - as he has lived his life and given his "gifts" not only to Canada, but to the world - humanity.

I am the sculptor of his portrait 8' x 6' "Norval Morrisseau Changing into Copper Thunderbird" SEE above presented YouTube Video: Morrisseau Portrait - SPECIAL EDITION – 2015.

I am a sculptor of some renown, with works purchased by the Canadian Government, works in several major esteemed cultural institutions in Canada and I have personally represented Canada in Juried international exhibitions across the U.S., Canada, Finland, England, Italy, Sweden and presently in Luxembourg, and Venice. The credentials I have to make art and write, have the foundation of a cum laude BA, MFA (on full scholarship) and, and "advanced" degree from the Ontario College of Art and Design (University) in sculpture.

I give my credentials and North American and European experience as a participating artist in exhibitions because I desire to communicate my dedication to the art I pursue with such personal passion and public acknowledgement. And I want to "expose" the individuals who literally attack my rights as an artist to live somewhat prosperously, and without fear, in Canada and in my studio - where all my creative and intellectual visions are realized. This FEAR raised its head recently on a normal day on Facebook, when someone rather "insanely" attacked my "right" to exist as an artist doing work that "honours" Norval Morrisseau - namely as a professional portrait artist, I read about the passing of Norval Morrisseau in the Toronto press as thousands of others had, and realized that after a long search for a new portrait to accomplish, Morrisseau would be a good challenge visually, and, an "honour" for me to sculpt - and to "honour" him for this generation and for all future generations - I believe I have presented him at the nirvana of his gifts, and given him what he personally would like, something that represents the "myth"of the man in time, in these times, in our lifetimes, as we lived part of that with him - as he indeed lived those same years. I have an enormous respect not only for his abilities as an artist - but I also respect his intellect and the all that he has communicated to life, about his life, and life itself.

The "insane" comments from someone "posing" on Facebook as named "Tray Tray Long" were nasty and left open to interpretation the "idea" of retaliation - on my person- for the work I have been engaged in for the past 12 years, to "honour" the Canadian Ojibwa artist Norval Morrisseau with monumental works of art, including his portrait seen on YouTube Video. I know for a "fact" that these same threats, like someone literally slashing at one with a knife, have been levelled at others that are also working to support the "legacy" of Morrisseau. This group of individuals who support each other in these "attacks" on researchers, artists, and others who are creatively inspiring and extending the legacy of Morrisseau, are indeed questionable - what is their intention? The words used in these attacks, are ugly, vindictive, offensive, threatening, and in some cases simply stupid - childish - and factually vacuous.

If anyone reading this knows anything about these verbal and rancid attacks against certain individuals working to extend, research, and and artists like myself honouring the legacy of Norval Morrisseau on the internet publicly and privately, and who might be perpetrating this - please for the sake of everyone's safety, report it to your local police. Everyone connected to Morrisseau's legacy, in good faith and intention, has a right to work in safety, without fear. You have NO IDEA of the language used in these threats and the vindictive quality and long term efforts of these certain individuals to harass - over the internet, individuals who "value" Morrisseau's life and oeuvre - for future generations. If you have any idea - what the purpose is, of these individuals to sully and contaminate the entire career of one of Canada's greatest artists, Ojibwa Norval Morrisseau - please find some way to communicate that to the press, or other agencies, that can take action to inform the public, and, the people being personally attacked.

I have hopes and dreams of my personal artwork surviving posterity, as is the dream perhaps of every artist who ever lived - and I continue to work (and pray) that in these next years there will be "celebrations" of all artists and the work they produce. In these times, for some reason only history in the future will reveal, there is too much mean spirited thoughts and actions "out there"- it has been said that when a peoples cannot find beauty within their own hearts - they "object" to seeing it or finding it in the hearts of others.

"Blessings BE" (-Norval Morrisseau)

Thank you for your love and respect.

Susan Murar, Portrait Sculptor of Norval Morrisseau

Additional info/comment asked to be presented on this platform by Ms. Susan Murar:

Susan Murar next to her Norval Morrisseau Portrait 

"I am the sculptor of the 1st 3D and monumental portrait of Norval Morrisseau, and 2019 is the 10th anniversary of its completion... 

There have been for many years, some pretty vicious verbal attacks on researchers and others who have been compiling an archives of Morrisseau's legacy, for posterity. AS THE SCULPTOR OF HIS PORTRAIT, on this anniversary year (and after the film "There are No Fakes" was premiered in Toronto and is now on tour), I have been TARGETED for some of these ATTACKS - which are "vicious'... there is no other word to describe them. 

I think, that someone is going to be seriously wounded physically - by these people who are the verbal/vicious attackers. They will not be satisfied - when their long efforts to attack verbally are shelved and the 'victims' are not suffering enough. 

Of course no one in the art establishments in Canada, or anywhere else are trying to bring a stop to the abuse of the researchers, writers, and artists who have been for years, extending the legacy of this great Canadian Ojibwa Artist Norval Morrisseau (1931-2007) - nor is the press giving it a "balanced" look and, more importantly finding out who these perpetrators are, and their agenda in the arts landscape in Canada. 

Before the film was shown, one of the financiers of the film, asked a woman who owned several original Morrisseau paintings to bring one of them to the opening of the film in Toronto- so that this financier (and artist) could burn it in front of the cameras before the film began - burn it to 'prove' it is a fake (sounds like Trump wanting to put tanks in the mall in Washington for the July 4 celebrations). 

Frankly, I am afraid. And I think there should be more reported - to protect "us" and give the perpetrators who say such vicious things, and who SAY THEY have endless depths to the money in their pockets to continue these activities - to give them pause. They ARE being looked at - they ARE being investigated by the press to see their criminal activities - they ARE being seen to be invasive of the people who are in the 21st c. gathering materials for the future to have per the legacy of Norval Morrisseal - invasive means "threatening invasiveness" - a threat to one's life literally - these threats cannot be interpreted in any other way - "we will win - at what we are doing - despite YOU"...Someone I shall not name here, has kept a log of these verbal vicious threats for years now - and in the appropriate situation, perhaps to the authorities, they could be revealed - in the meantime it is too dangerous - in Canada. 

….even if this has never before happened in Canada, and the press does NOT know what to do....regardless...."WE THE PEOPLE" need protection...I AS THE PORTRAIT ARTIST OF NORVAL MORRISSEAU SHOULD NOT BE WORRIED ABOUT MY PHYSICAL SAFETY IN CANADA...I should NOT be threatened... 

No matter my age of 77 years in August, no matter that I am Czecholslovakian-Swede and was an immigrant to this country. It is said that one of the "Indigenous" artists" and financiers of the film, and one of the most vicious verbal voices one could imagine in the most gross nightmare, has been found out to be "primarily" of SWEDISH HERITAGE some 80+ percentage was the conclusion of this study. 

This should not be happening here in Canada - and the lack of involvement of press, and others throughout the country sitting behind the desks in the biggest funded government cultural agencies, such as the AGO and NATIONAL GALLERY OF CANADA should be stepping up - to find a way to protect ALL Canadians in their work within the arts landscape that they choose to devote their time to. 

More to come- at a higher price to human dignity, and, safety. We don't look forward to it, anymore than we look forward to anything gross and vicious impacting our lives on a daily basis - post traumatic stress disorder is no laughing matter - it can last a lifetime It has never been spoken about within the arts community - but these gross perpetrators are giving it a good start, by the threats they make to life and art. 

I hope you will find a way to bring this the attention of Canadians that will help protect me - and others. Is that too much to ask? I hope not."

cum laude BA, MFA, AOCAD'84
Esteemed Sculptor - Canada

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