Saturday, October 10, 2020

IN MEMORIAM: Robert F. Lavack (1920-2019)


100th Anniversary of Robert F. Lavack's birthday 

(October 10th, 1920 - October 10th, 2020)

My deepest condolences to INGELA, Richard, Isabelle, John and their families*. ~ Ugo Matulic

Also, my deepest condolences to Richard, Isabelle and John for losing a mother Sheila M. Lavack (1925-2019) on August 12th, 2019, just two days after losing a father. 

* - grandchildren: Aaron, John, Sayla, Kalmia and Sandra; great grandchildren: Oliver, Mae Rose, Leland and Aladar.

Additional info: Robert "Kurt" Lavack by Angie Littlefield
                         ~ KBros Maroosis Art Centre by George Maroosis

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