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Kevin Hearn Vs. Joseph B. McLeod and Maslak McLeod Gallery Inc.
/Court File No. CV-12-455650/
Awaiting Justice Edward M. Morgan's Judgement...

"Indian Jesus Christ", 53"x27", © 1974 Norval Morrisseau
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"I went through a phase of painting Christian religious pictures, but yet I always saw them with the eyes of the Indian. My mind may have been thinking the way the Christians thought in the Byzantine times. My mind perceives the ritchness, the silver, the jewellery and so on, but when I translate the thoughts that are in my mind, when I put them down on paper or on canvas, something different comes out. It's one thing to visualize the Christian figures and another to paint them."

Norval Morrisseau


* The acrylic painting on paper in this post: "Indian Jesus Christ", 53"x27", © 1974 Norval Morrisseau ; Collection of Department of Indian and Northern Affairs, Ottawa, Ontario CANADA; Image of this painting can be found on page 106 in "The Art of Norval Morrisseau" /Sinclair, Lister, Jack Pollock, and Norval Morrisseau/ -Toronto, Ontario: Methuen, 1979/

Norval Morrisseau biological Family's support to Mr. Joseph McLeod (1928-2017)

Kevin Hearn Vs. Joseph B. McLeod and Maslak McLeod Gallery Inc.
/Court File No. CV-12-455650/
Awaiting Justice Edward M. Morgan's Judgement...

Victoria Kakegamic with Joseph McLeod 
(Red Lake, Ontario, July 2008)

The following is a letter of support of members of the Norval Morrisseau's biological family to Mr. Joseph McLeod (1928-2017):

"February 12, 2014


Re: Joseph McLeod

Regarding the allegations against Joseph McLeod we the children believe they are false. Mr. McLeod met our father in the late 1950's and continued following out father's artistic career and collecting his work.

We do not believe that Joe McLeod is involved in a fraud ring regarding out father's art. We do not believe there is a fraud ring. In the 1980's as Dean of Arts at Seneca College he had our father come and be Artist in Residence.

We have viewed our father's paintings in Maslak McLeod Gallery and in past catalogues and declare that the paintings are authentic.

We grew up watching our father paint and our opinion should be respected in regards to what is authentic.

Throughout the decades Mr. McLeod has been a friend to the family of Norval Morrisseau. He has showed us respect and we surely give it back to him.

Signed, the children of Norval Morrisseau"

~ A letter of support by Norval Morrisseau's biological family
  to Mr. Joseph McLeod (1928-2017) dated February, 12, 2014
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Kevin Hearn Vs. Joseph B. McLeod and Maslak McLeod Gallery Inc.

/Court File No. CV-12-455650/
Awaiting Justice Edward M. Morgan's Judgement...

10+ Giant Killers of Carmen Robertson as a “Morrisseau Ex-pert”

Image/Text: Courtesy of

/ Click HERE for in-depth analysis of Ms. Carmen Robertson as a so-called "Morrisseau Expert" or click on a title above the image

Image/Text: Courtesy of

>>> Genuine 'Randy Potter Morrisseau painting' appraised by Mr. Galal Helmy for $100,000

Kevin Hearn Vs. Joseph B. McLeod and Maslak McLeod Gallery Inc.
/Court File No. CV-12-455650/
~ Awaiting Justice Edward M. Morgan's Judgement...

"The Great Creator", 23"x96", © 1976 Norval Morrisseau,
* Exhibited at Mr. David Barnes' home, Brampton, Ontario CANADA
PROVENANCE: Randy Potter Estate Auctions, Port Hope, ONTARIO; Mr. Allan Lawson of Orangeville, Ontario (now Mono, Ontario)
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~ Click HERE, HERE & HERE to see detailed images of the front of artwork - a title and artist's signatures in Cree syllabics and English signed by the artist with a dry brush (DB) technique.

Mr. Galal Helmy

The above Genuine Norval Morrisseau was authenticated/appraised by Mr. Galal Helmy, owner of the Maligne Canyon Restaurant & Gift Shop in Jasper, Alberta and EA Studios. The gift shop has  a spectacular collection of original Native Indian and Inuit art. Well-known artists include Norval Morrisseau, Eddy Cobiness, Jackson Beardy and the Hunt family of the Kwakiutl Nation.

Norval Morrisseau @ Manulife Place Exhibition;
Galal Helmy, Exhibition Sponsor (December 1985)

Norval Morrisseau lived in Jasper from 1985 until early 1987. Mr. Galal Helmy says Morrisseau returned there in June 1987, and stayed until December 1987 when he returned back to Vancouver.

Mr. Helmy purchased hundreds of paintings directly from Norval Morrisseau which he produced while stayed at his premises. Mr. Helmy says that he took a photo of the artist with a painting for every artwork he had ever acquired from Norval Morrisseau.

"Self Portrait"; © 1986 Norval Morrisseau
Mr. Helmy's donation to Canadian Museum of History
(Former Canadian Museum of Civilization)

"Jesus Christ", © 1970s Norval Morrisseau
~ For Comparison Purposes with the above donated drawing

The Government of Canada has often asked for pieces of Galal Helmy's collection to be included in their Canadian Museum of History. Mr. Galal Helmy donated one of the Norval Morrisseau's artworks to the same institution "Self Portrait, 1986", which was exhibited at "NORVAL MORRISSEAU - SHAMAN ARTIST" held at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa, Ontario from February 3rd to April 30th, 2006. This was the first solo exhibition featuring a First Nations artist in 126-year history of the National Gallery of Canada.


"The Great Creator", 23"x96", © 1976 Norval Morrisseau;
Acrylic painting on stretched Canvas

Mr. Galal Helmy's Authentication/Appraisal of Norval
Morrisseau's "The Great Creator"; Dated October 14, 2007

"Genuine 'Randy Potter Morrisseau painting' appraised for $100,000"


>>> In a court judgement Hatfield vs. Artworld of Sherway /Court File No. SC-09-087264-0000/ Judge Paul J. Martial stated the following:

"The Court finds that there is overwhelming evidence that Norval Morrisseau signed paintings in black brush paint.”

(Judgment by Judge Paul J Martial: March 25th, 2013 - Page 34)

NOTE: Genuine Norval Morrisseau painting involved in this court case was also acquired from Randy Potter Estate Auctions and appraised by Mr. Joseph McLeod (1928-2017).



"Untitled" [Merman], 17"x38", © 1987 Norval Morrisseau
~ acrylic on stretched deer hide; ACQUIRED DIRECTLY FROM THE ARTIST 
/Click on image to enlarge and/or click HERE for detail of the Cree syllabics signature on front and click HERE to view this painting's reverse side/

"Nepii-Naba, the merman, who brought good luck to those who offered him tobacco and, in return, helped Indians to travel safely on lakes and rivers." ~ Norval Morrisseau *

Mr. Galal Helmy with Mr. David Barnes, September 2006

This painting was acquired by Mr. David Barnes from Mr. Galal Helmy is a deer hide signed ‘Copper Thunderbird’ in Cree syllabics on the front and was stretched over a wood frame (click HERE & HERE).

Dr. Trudy Nicks, who was Senior Curator in the World Cultures Department at The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) received this artwork from Mr. Barnes on November 19th, 2008 as she intended to purchase it on behaf of this prominent instutution. ROM placed it in their cryogenic freezer while they actively searched for donations to buy it. They kept it for a year but it was returned to Mr. Barnes on November 25th, 2009 by Ms. Tracy Forster, technician in the World Cultures Department at ROM as their institution was not able to raise the necessary funds. So Mr. Barnes kept it in the museum packaging and put it in storage (click HERE).

Dr. Trudy Nicks - Senior Curator
at Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

This painting which has not really needed a formal authentication as it originates from the prominent collection of Mr. Galal Helmy who acquired this artwork directly from the artist, was nevertheless re-authenticated by reliable outside sources. The request for re-authentication on behalf of the ROM was made by Dr. Trudy Nicks* of the Royal Ontario Museum and was successfully completed.

Note: Dr. Trudy Nicks was present in Red Lake, Ontario (Summer 2008) when Norval Morrisseau Heritage Society (NMHS) labeled genuine Norval Morrisseau artworks forgeries. (click HERE)

* Member of the defunct Norval Morrisseau Heritage Society (NMHS)

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* Genuine ink drawing on paper in this post: "Self Portrait"; © 1986 Norval Morrisseau; Mr. Helmy's donation to Canadian Museum of Civilization. This artwork was originally published in a book: "NORVAL MORRISSEAU: SHAMAN ARTIST", © 2006 Greg A. Hill - National Gallery of Canada; ISBN 1-55365-176-6