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Third Anniversary of "RETURNING TO THE PEACEFUL SKY, NORVAL MORRISSEAU" in China & Malaysia

Kevin Hearn Vs. Joseph B. McLeod and Maslak McLeod Gallery Inc.
/Court File No. CV-12-455650/


~ Justice Edward M. Morgan, May 24, 2018

> Exhibition "RETURNING TO THE PEACEFUL SKY, NORVAL MORRISSEAU", held from October 31st to November 9th, 2015 in China and Malaysia was organized by LIFE Culture Group which is an Open Multicultural Platform. They Celebrate Cross-Cultural Experiences & Perspectives in Various Exhibitions & LIVE Shows and they are in partnership with the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto.

Principal of the LIFE Culture Group Mr. Fenke Feng in front of genuine Norval Morrisseau painting "Dust of Life Forever, 1974", acrylic on canvas, Size: approx. 48"x132". This painting was signed by the artist with a dry brush (DB) technique. 

Source (image & text):

PROVENANCE OF GENUINE NORVAL MORRISSEAU ARTWORKS FOR THIS EXHIBITION: David Voss and Rolf Schnieders (1928-2015), both from Thunder Bay, Ontario.


Ms. Carmen Robertson* noted that Mr. Rolf Schnieders was "well-known conduit for Morrisseau's paintings in the Thunder Bay region" and was "actively handling works by the artist since 1960s. He operated small store on May St., in Thunder Bay ON called 'Yesterday's Treasures' for a number of years and this was one way he sold works by Morrisseau." 

* - An associate professor of contemporary Aboriginal art history in the Department of Visual Arts, University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan & Member of the defunct Norval Morrisseau Heritage Society (NMHS)-


Other painters of the Woodland School of Art which were represented in this exhibition included Blake Debassige, Benjamin Chee Chee and Leland Bell. 

Eugene Morrisseau in front of genuine Morrisseau 

"My trip to "THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, 2015 to Shanghai, Guangzhou, China then on to, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. To represent my late father, and family of my brothers and sisters. To introduce my late father Norval Morrisseau. Also known as " Picasso of the North " to the Asian market. His legacy, his art, his colors, his stories, his storytelling on canvas, it was an honor for me, to represent our people, First Nations people of Canada..."

Eugene Morrisseau

Eugene Morrisseau in front of
genuine Norval Morrisseau painting
"Dust of Life Forever, 1974" 

"This picture was taken in Guangzhou China, the night before the exhibition. Getting last minute things ready, I'm just looking at all my dads artwork, paintings, that's hanging on the wall here... very nice paintings. This is the vest that I asked the Sandy Lake chief and council to make for me, for this special occasion to come to the other side of the world to represent my father Norval Morrisseau, my family, my brothers and sisters and of course, the First Nations people in Canada. It is a great honor being here to represent my father and where is this Sand Lake First Nations vest and my dad's tie called 'Man turning into a Thunderbird'... it just matches my vest. In closing I'd like to say hi to everybody... to all my Facebook friends and all my cousins and family wherever you may be... and to my kids back home. 

Kikjieh meegwetch"


From left to right: Christian (Chimo), Norval & Eugene Morrisseau
at Concourse Aboriginal Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA - April 2002
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Norval Morrisseau with his son Eugene at Victoriaville Mall, Thunder BayOntario, CANADA 2002
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Norval Morrisseau with Family at Keewaywin Community Hall
Keewaywin First Nation, Ontario, CANADA 2002
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I am a strong believer that Norval Morrisseau's Legacy belongs to his people "the Great Ojibway" and to family that bears his name - Morrisseau Family.

"May the truth be told and known to all"-


Ugo Matulić

* The photograph of Norval Morrisseau with his sons taken at Concourse Aboriginal Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba was submitted to the Blog Master on May 1st, 2002 by an art dealer Anthony Martinenko, Winnipeg Manitoba

Monday, October 29, 2018

Robert Bateman Vs. Norval Morrisseau

APPROACH - BALD EAGLE by Robert Bateman;
SACRED THUNDERBIRD by Norval Morrisseau

"Robert Bateman goes beyond the physical reality of his subject, while Norval Morrisseau enlightens us with the essence of his subjects which reside within the world of his imagination."

Ugo Matulic

Friday, October 26, 2018

ROBERT BATEMAN - 'A Celebration of the Life and Art'

ROBERT BATEMAN Exhibition and sale October 27th - Oct 31st, 2018 at Golden Eagle Gallery
- Robert Bateman will be doing a private event  for Golden Eagle VIP clients  at the Golden Eagle Galley on 27th of October  from 3:00 - 7:00 PM (MUST RSVP to attend at the Gallery)


18 Ringwood Dr Unit 1, Stouffville, ON, CA                  

 Robert Bateman in front ofLandings - Bald Eagle”

~ ROBERT BATEMAN Will be coming to speak about his work on October 27th, 2018 (3:00 to 8:00 PM) and will be signing purchases after his speech . If you are a Robert Bateman Fan you should not miss this event.

Over 300 pieces available by the famous artist Robert Bateman - we will also be featuring three Canadian artists who focus on nature and wildlife: Norval Morrisseau, Doug Laird and Bill Saunders.

Golden Eagle Art Gallery is excited to announce an exclusive contract with the publishers of renowned Canadian wildlife artist Robert Bateman. Through this partnership, we have acquired the exclusive limited edition print and giclee canvas editions of Bateman's “Landings - Bald Eagle”. The piece is not only his newest publication, but one of his most remarkable works.

To pre-order a piece for your home or collection, call us at the gallery and we will reserve yours today. Golden Eagle Art Gallery is accepting pre-orders on our website as well. There will also be a small “Artist Proof” edition of both canvases and prints available, for which a 20% premium applies.


Jack Henry Pollock (August 1st, 1930 – December 10th,  1992) Author, painter, art educator and art dealer who was a fixture on the Toronto art scene for over three decades. Pollock was the flamboyant founder and owner of The Pollock Gallery in Toronto. He was widely reputed to have a skilled eye for identifying talent in young artists and was instrumental in the careers of many notable artists that he represented including David Hockney, Susan Ross, Ken Danby, Norval Morrisseau, Roy Thomas, Catherine Senitt, Charles Pachter, Robert Bateman and Willem de Kooning.


The following copyrighted information is published with permission of Mr. Larry Groskopf, the owner of the 'Golden Eagle Art Gallery.' 
Robert Bateman Bio

"Haida Spirit," 1996 
by Robert Bateman 
Original Canvas Framed Painting
Born in Toronto, Robert Bateman has been a keen artist and naturalist from his early days. He has always painted wildlife and nature, beginning with a representational style, moving through impressionism and cubism to abstract expressionism. In his early thirties he moved back to realism as a more suitable way to express the particularity of the planet. It is this style that has made him one of the foremost artists depicting the world of nature.

In the '70s and early '80s, Robert Bateman 's work began to receive critical acclaim and to attract an enormous following. His work is in many public and private collections and several art museums. He was commissioned by the Governor-General of Canada to create a painting as the wedding gift for HRH The Prince Charles from the people of Canada. His work is also represented in the collection of HRH The Prince Philip, the late Princess Grace of Monaco and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. Robert Bateman has had many one-man museum shows throughout North America, including an exhibition at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.; most of these shows have drawn record-breaking crowds. His honors, awards and honorary doctorates are numerous; he was made Officer of the Order of Canada, the country's highest civilian award. He was awarded the Golden Plate Award from the American Academy of Achievement. He has also been the subject of three films and several video productions. Three books of his art, The Art of Robert Bateman , The World of Robert Bateman , and Robert Bateman : An Artist in Nature, have made publishing history. A fourth book of his art, Robert Bateman : Natural Worlds, focuses on the importance of natural and cultural heritage. Safari, an illustrated book for young readers, contains firsthand accounts and interesting facts about African wildlife. The book, Thinking Like a Mountain, details Robert Bateman 's environmental philosophies and observations and includes pencil sketches throughout.

It is in honor of his contribution to art and conservation that both a public school and a secondary school in Canada have been named after him. With a degree in geography from the University of Toronto, Robert Bateman taught high school for 20 years, including two years in Nigeria. He traveled around the world in a Land Rover in 1957/58, increasing his appreciation of cultural and natural heritage. Since leaving teaching in 1976 to paint full time, he has traveled widely with his wife, Birgit, to many remote natural areas.

Robert Bateman 's art reflects his commitment to ecology and preservation. Since the early '60s, he has been an active member of naturalist clubs and other conservation organizations. This involvement has increased in recent years and is now on a global scale. He has become a spokesman for many environmental and preservation issues and has used his artwork and limited edition prints in fund-raising efforts which have provided millions of dollars for these worthy causes. He says, "I can't conceive of anything being more varied and rich and handsome than the planet Earth. And its crowning beauty is the natural world. I want to soak it up, to understand it as well as I can, and to absorb it. And then I'd like to put it together and express it in my painting. This is the way I want to dedicate my work."