Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The reason behind NORVAL MORRISSEAU BLOG, maintained by Ugo Matulic of Calgary, Alberta

Kevin Hearn Vs. Joseph B. McLeod and Maslak McLeod Gallery Inc.
/Court File No. CV-12-455650/
Awaiting Justice Edward M. Morgan's Judgement...

From left to right: "Bryant the Snake, 1988", "Don Robinson - The Shark in Still Waters, 1990" & "Ritchie the Thief in the Night, 1988"
- All paintings  © Norval Morrisseau

"The reason why I started this blog more than a decade ago was due to false statements made by Kinsman Robinson Galleries, Coghlan Art Studio & Gallery and individuals* closely associated with Norval Morrisseau regarding paintings in question. I felt the need to create a platform that will speak for Norval when this privilege to speak for himself was put in the hands of others that were only interested in their personal financial gain by putting the Legacy of Norval Morrisseau aside."

- Donald Robinson, Paul Robinson and John McGregor Newman, all of the Kinsman Robinson Galleries, Bryant Ross of the Coghlan Art Studio & Gallery, Michele Vadas and Gabor (Gabe) Vadas, who for the last 20 years of Norval Morrisseau's life functioned as Mr. Morrisseau's guardians and business manager(s)... also, Ritchie SinclairJohn Zemanovich, Aaron Milrad, Richard Baker, and Mark Anthony Jacobson.

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~ The genuine paintings in this post, signed on the back by Norval Morrisseau in black paint using drybrush (DB) technique were Forensically Authenticated by top internationally recognized Forensic Document Examiner and Handwriting Expert Kenneth J. Davies, B.Sc. C.Ga CFC - Examiner, Questioned Documents (Grapho-Lab® Services - Hawkeye Studios) /Dated: November 10th, 2011/


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