Friday, February 27, 2009

Universal Power of The Indian Spirit (Part I)


Music: Chirapaq by Alborada* (click HERE to view an original performance of 'Chirapaq' by Alborada)
The words of this song is in Quechua - a Native American language of South America. It was already widely spoken across the Central Andes long before the time of the Incas, who adopted it as the official language of administration for their Empire.


Kayna punchau turonero
Sapallaypi waqaskani
Mana pipas q'awarillaskan

Waqallarkani sapay
Llakillarkani sapay
Q'uyay mamayta

Maypillaraq sunquchallay
Maypiñaraq ñawiruruy
Maytaq cuna

Waqaysiwanchu ñawiy
Llakisiwanchu sunquy
Tayta mamayta

English translation:

Yesterday I was crying
as nobody saw me
I cried lonely
and I felt pain when I was
remembering my poor mother
Where is my heart?
where are my eyes?
They are already sad with me
Don't cry with me
my eyes cry
my heart suffers when I'm
remembering my parents.
* Alborada - a music group inspired by the Andean folklore founded in 1984 by Sixto Aybar in Ocobamba, Peru. Many of her songs are sung in Quechua.

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Anonymous said...

This is a really powerful image to see. Very nice SpiritWalker. Thanks

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful presentation. This shows the power of the Indian Spirit for sure.