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>>> Morrisseau Sculptor: Susan Murar /Artist Statement/


Portrait of Norval Morrisseau Illustration by Spirit Walker

© Susan Murar; Photography by Lucinda Jones
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Portrait (White clay): 6'-4" x 3'-6" x 2'-2" (Height x Width x Depth)
Staff (White clay): 3'-10" x 1'-10" x 10" (Height x Width x Depth)
/The portrait has not yet been cast into bronze/
- -

Throughout my years as a fine artist I have always felt that the clay I used, or the paint or the inks that I applied were 'connected' to the spirit at the core of the thing I was trying to interpret visually/artistically. The old barn sitting on the edge of a small wood, the soothsayer with the shadowed face, an avatar briefly glimpsed in the city, the storm calm or fierce blowing across the shoals speaking a foreign tongue, the busied schoolchildren, and the brooding poet, land and faces unfamiliar and sometimes too familiar all have the seeds of spirit of momentous eternities of experience- that is moods, feelings, hurts, joys, loves and connections to this physical place we call Earth.
What is not immediately seen or studied in all its physical beauty is what I try to discover when I make art- being drawn into that quiet place, the centre, of any living thing on earth and projecting it out again to be seen on the surface with line, colour, shape, is my desire as an artist.

These centres are filled with energies that can sometimes be found by the magic of art and artists. Everyone marvels at this magic when it embodies truth- an universal elixir.

When working on the creation in three-dimensional form, of the artist NORVAL MORRISSEAU, I worked with the clay visually with energies in transmutation. In other words, what we would call perfection of physical form- reflecting the human element from the centres of energies that are unseen physically but connect with our personal cores of being, overwhelming us with expectations of hope, life, desire, strength, accomplishment, and the truth we search for in love with love. This evolves not only from the artist's perspective spiritually, but a joint venture between the subject, NORVAL MORRISSEAU and the sculptor. The sculptor has to understand the impossible, the essence of the life at its core of being a universal spirit-being and being guided intimately in a communi­cation between subject being sculpted and, sculptor. There is no difference between us when we cross this bridge, and an artist will understand this: "We are One".

"All is well, blessings be."
- -
------Norval Morrisseau--

Susan Murar, Sculptor

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Anonymous said...

Message to SpiritWalker,

This is a magnificent scuplture in the waiting. Great work of art by the legendary Susan Murar! It must be bronzed to perfection.

I think you should set up a donation fund for Susan Murar to have this casted. It will be expensive I'm sure due to it's collosal dimensions. But if people and corporations pitch in then it can be done easily. They will recieve a tax right off aswell.

Maybe you can have an icon on the left menu area of your blog so that people can start donating funds for having this done?