Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Carl Ray's Masterful Lines (Part II)

/Drawing vs. Painting/

 Carl Ray  (1943-1978)

"Thunder Bird feeding her Young", 20"x16", © c. 1970 Carl Ray Estate
~ Ink Drawing on paper (used as illustrations for a book "Sacred Legends of the Sandy Lake Cree" by JAMES R. STEVENS  © 1971; Pages 92 & 93) /Click on image to Enlarge/

 ... "Ray's career developed in the shadow of Morrisseau's. He worked as an apprentice to Morrisseau on the mural for the Indians of Canada Pavillion of Expo '67 in Montreal. By this time Ray had developed a style of, and preference for, scenic painting. He approached the pictographic rigour of Morrisseau's work with an illustrator's interest." ...

... "Ray's linear style is appealing in its lyric naturalism and spiritual expressiveness. Birds and animals are rendered in silhouettes of subtle detail, while internally the creatures are raging or changing in mysterious ways." ... -

"Thunder Bird feeding her Young", 40"x39", © 1975 Carl Ray Estate
~ Acrylic painting on canvas 
/Click on image to Enlarge/

SOURCE (text): NORVAL MORRISSEAU AND THE EMERGENCE OF THE IMAGE MAKERS by Elizabeth McLuhan and Tom Hill; ISBN: 0-458-97390-4, Art Gallery of Ontario, 1984 /Methuen Publications/

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