Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Catalogue SILVER: Celebrating 25 Years

-Lattimer Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia

© 2011 Lattimer Gallery
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SILVER: Celebrating 25 Years, featuring a display of 25 works by 25 artists to commemorate Lattimer Gallery's 25th anniversary specializing in Northwest Coast Native art.

Lattimer Gallery has released a comprehensive catalogue to accompany this exhibition. Many of the pieces were commissioned for the show, from jewellery and sculptures to paintings and basketry. Silver will contain a diverse selection of works by John Alexander (Gitksan), Beau Dick (Kwakwaka'wakw), Phil Gray (Tsimshian/Cree), Landon Gunn (Kwakwaka'wakw/Metis), Francis Horne Sr. (Coast Salish), Rob Long Jing (Haida), Sharifah Marsden (Ojibwa), James Michels (Metis/Cree), Corey Moraes (Tsimshian), Norval Morrisseau (Ojibwa), Earl Muldon (Gitksan), Daphne Odjig (Ojibwa), Marie Oldfield (Haida/Tsimshian), Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas (Haida), Jay Simeon (Haida/Blackfoot), Rod Smith Galuyagmi (Kwakwaka'wakw), Steve Smith Dla'kwagila (Kwakwaka'wakw), Kelvin Thompson (Ojibwa/Saulteaux/Haisla), Nathan Wilson (Haisla) and Clint Work (Kwakwaka'wakw).

~ Edited by Peter Lattimer; Design and layout by Cissy Chan; Photography by Lara Hill; Text edited by Cissy Chan, Erin Ramsay and Jada Tellier.


Source: Lattimer gallery Blog @ http://lattimergallery.blogspot.com 

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