Saturday, May 5, 2012

Norval Morrisseau Portrait by Susan Murar



Portrait of Norval Morrisseau

Portrait (White clay): 6'-4" x 3'-6" x 2'-2" (Height x Width x Depth)
Staff (White clay): 3'-10" x 1'-10" x 10" (Height x Width x Depth)
/The portrait has not yet been cast into bronze/

* Inquires from patrons and cultural institutions wordwide will be welcomed-

It takes great strength to live this life, to incorporate a vision that one believes in with all one's heart- something that one feels is important beyond all other considerations. Norval Morrisseau had this vision despite the controversy that he produced with his life. He had an interior strength that never gave up, a vision that he must leave us with his paintings - his gifts.

I hope that "Spirit Walker" with his vision to document Norval's life in its most significant moments (and the small details) finds the same strength that Norval found, to continue to work on this enclyclopaedic volume of knowledge on the internet, his blog to Honour Norval Morrisseau. It is no less than a gift to humanity. Gifts in our lives have a beauty that we cannot often see, Norval knew this as he travelled to the House of Invention to bring us our special gifts of beauty in his paintings.

We are learning more about Norval and his gifts of such immense beauty because of "Spirit Walker". I doubt that Norval Morrisseau would say anything other than, "Blessings Be".

Susan Murar, Sculptor


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Spirit Walker said...

Thank YOU Susan for Inpirational artwork that's honouring Norval Morrisseau gift to the people of the world...

It's truly a MASTERPIECE!