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Susan Murar's desperate plea to save sculptures dedicated to Canadian aboriginal painter Norval Morrisseau

~ URGENT MATTER! /For All Canadians/

SUSAN MURAR with Portrait of Norval Morrisseau
Photography by Helen Harrison


Portrait (White clay): 8'-0" x 3'-6" x 2'-2" (Height x Width x Depth)
Staff (White clay): 3'-10" x 1'-10" x 10" (Height x Width x Depth)
/The portrait has not yet been cast into bronze/


by Patty Schenck

Portrait of Norval Morrisseau

"THIS IS A CALL FOR HELP as I am the "Morrisseau Sculptor" living and working in Stratford, Ontario and for the past 8 years have produced 5 monumental works of art that honour Morrisseau - not yet cast into bronze. You may see his portrait, at YouTube Video Morrisseau Portrait - SPECIAL EDITION - 2015 (see above); the other works are "Spirit Presence at the House of Invention", "Ancestral Shaman", "The Journey to Astral Heaven", and "The Ascended Master".

Because of recent and targeted vandalism at my rental studio property, I have been threatened by the owner through a lawyer, with eviction (SEE: Beacon Herald Newspaper, Stratford City Gazette)... these works are all 8'x8' and still in the non-drying clay they were sculpted in, none has yet been cast into bronze... they are too large to move - THEY WILL BE DESTROYED.

The word must get out....someone must care about this.....I hope....I can only hope. To move these works of art, an estimate from a professional mouldmaker (Sculpture Moulds- Art Di Lella) is $10,000 per mould per sculpture.

Donations by:
Ugo Matulic: $100.00
* When you donate, you will be helping to prevent the destruction of five beautiful monumental sculptures honouring Canadian Ojibwa artist Norval Morrisseau - by Canadian artist Susan Murar. These masterworks, including his portrait, have taken eight years to design and sculpt.
Thank you,"

Susan Murar
Cum laude BA, MFA, AOCAD
Nationally Honoured Sculptor - Canada
James Anderson Heritage Award/Stratford/York St.
Representing Canada in International Exhibitions in Sweden, Finland, England, Canada, Italy, U.S.
P.O. Box 21105, Stratford, Ontario, Canada N5A 7V4


People's names who donate monies to this honourable cause will be presented on this page, unless they prefer to stay anonymous.


Ugo Matulic

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