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Protecting the Norval Morrisseau Legacy by the Norval Morrisseau biological Family (Part I)

Kevin Hearn Vs. Joseph B. McLeod and Maslak McLeod Gallery Inc.
/Court File No. CV-12-455650/
Awaiting Justice Edward M. Morgan's Judgement...

> Exhibition "RETURNING TO THE PEACEFULL SKY, NORVAL MORRISSEAU", held from October 31st to November 9th, 2015 in China and Malaysia was organized by LIFE Culture Group which is an Open Multicultural Platform. They Celebrate Cross-Cultural Experiences & Perspectives in Various Exhibitions & LIVE Shows and they are in partnership with the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto.

Principal of the LIFE Culture Group Mr. Fenke Feng in front of genuine Norval Morrisseau painting "Dust of Life Forever, 1974", acrylic on canvas, Size: approx. 48"x132". This painting was signed by the artist with a dry brush (DB) technique. 

Source (image & text):

PROVENANCE OF GENUINE NORVAL MORRISSEAU ARTWORKS FOR THIS EXHIBITION: David Voss and Rolf Schnieders (1928-2015), both from Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Other painters of the Woodland School of Art which were represented in this exhibition included Blake Debassige, Benjamin Chee Chee and Leland Bell

Eugene Morrisseau in front of genuine Morrisseau 

"My trip to "THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, 2015 to Shanghai, Guangzhou, China then on to, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. To represent my late father, and family of my brothers and sisters. To introduce my late father Norval Morrisseau. Also known as " Picasso of the North " to the Asian market. His legacy, his art, his colors, his stories, his storytelling on canvas, it was an honor for me, to represent our people, First Nations people of Canada..."

Eugene Morrisseau

Eugene Morrisseau in front of
genuine Norval Morrisseau painting
"Dust of Life Forever, 1974" 

"This picture was taken in Guangzhou China, the night before the exhibition. Getting last minute things ready, I'm just looking at all my dads artwork, paintings, that's hanging on the wall here... very nice paintings. This is the vest that I asked the Sandy Lake chief and council to make for me, for this special occasion to come to the other side of the world to represent my father Norval Morrisseau, my family, my brothers and sisters and of course, the First Nations people in Canada. It is a great honor being here to represent my father and where is this Sand Lake First Nations vest and my dad's tie called 'Man turning into a Thunderbird'... it just matches my vest. In closing I'd like to say hi to everybody... to all my Facebook friends and all my cousins and family wherever you may be... and to my kids back home. 

Kikjieh meegwetch"


Ms. Carmen Robertson*, who would consider genuine Norval Morrisseau paintings on the walls, in front of Mr. Eugene Morrisseau and behind Mr. Fenke Feng, to be "Attributed to Norval Morrisseau" (the FAKES)!

~ Both of these genuine Norval Morrisseau paintings were signed by the artist with a dry brush (DB) technique. 

* - An associate professor of contemporary Aboriginal art history in the Department of Visual Arts, University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan & Member of the defunct Norval Morrisseau Heritage Society (NMHS)


From left to right: Christian (Chimo), Norval & Eugene Morrisseau
at Concourse Aboriginal Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA - April 2002
/Click on Image to Enlarge/


I am a strong believer that Norval Morrisseau's Legacy belongs to his people "the Great Ojibway" and to family that bears his name - Morrisseau Family.

"May the truth be told and known to all"-


* The photograph of Norval Morrisseau with his sons taken at Concourse Aboriginal Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba was submitted to the Blog Master on May 1st, 2002 by an art dealer Anthony Martinenko, Winnipeg Manitoba

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