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Who are the Morrisseau Bloggers and Why are they So important for the Legacy of Norval Morrisseau?

Kevin Hearn Vs. Joseph B. McLeod and Maslak McLeod Gallery Inc.
/Court File No. CV-12-455650/


~ Justice Edward M. Morgan, May 24, 2018

On December 1st, 2017 Plaintiff’s legal counsel Mr. Jonathan Sommer was behind a terror offensive, by filing a massive “Contempt of Court” on behalf of Mr. Kevin Hearn and Ms. Carmen Robertson, a document with the court demanding that Mr. John Goldi and Mr. Ugo Matulic together with Ms. Joan Goldi and Mr. Joseph Otavnik be incarcerated for a long period of time, heavily fined, be banned from attending court, banned from publishing and that their blogs be shut down. Even though this was a gross violation of the Ontario's Protection of Public Participation Act of 2015.

The following copyrighted section is an excerpt taken from, “theMorrisseauHoaxExposedBlog.com,” and used with permission from the author John Goldi.

"... Bloggers John Goldi and Ugo Matulic, whose years of detailed research, published in thousands of pages of analysis and disclosure, substantiated and illustrated with thousands of documents, and pictorials, FAR surpasses in volume, detail, and credibility, everything else ever written on Morrisseau combined. No other HOAX in Canadian history has been so ruthlessly exposed in pictures and screen grabs alone – let alone text – by these landmark achievements of two passionate and highly informed, and credentialed Bloggers.


"The Dawn of a New Age in Communication – It is exactly because of Bloggers like John Goldi and Ugo Matulic, that people have so massively abandoned the traditional, lazy, witless, gullible, and poorly researched scribes of the mainstream media. They have been fired by the multi-thousands, as educated and thinking people everywhere in the world, turn to single issue bloggers on the internet as a source for far more reliable information from highly educated and informed people who are NOT beholden to their corporate employers.

Informed single issue bloggers are hugely displacing traditional journalists who have challenged anyone’s credulity, by pretending to be experts in writing about: a murder in Vancouver one day, something Angelina Jolie wore the next, Trump’s new hairdo the next, a sewage spill in Orangeville, the next, the best beer at Oktoberfest the next, the best pitcher in the Blue Jay bullpen, the nest, or why a continuing war against the Muslims is a “good thing” the next…

It is why for 18 years the mainstream media has been recklessly negligent in researching the Morrisseau file. and published totally massively ignorant drivel about the Morrisseau HOAX. Therefore hugely aiding, abetting, and enabling the fraud, by gratefully accepting any free handouts of information helpfully prepared for them by the fraudsters.

This massive sea change in the communications landscape is exactly why, in 2009, the former Chief Justice of Canada, the Hon. Beverley McLachlin and her colleagues on the Supreme Court of Canada signaled a major transformation in how the public in the modern world prefers to get reliable information. With her Defence of Responsible Communication, she retired that tired – and out-of-date – label of press or media “journalist,” and replaced it with anyone involved in public communication.

And put Bloggers – so despised by mainstream media journalists, who are – deservedly – being massively displaced by them – on an equal footing of respectability, with anyone seeking to inform the public.

More so, by far, than any other Morrisseau researcher or expert, of any kind, anywhere on the planet, John Goldi and Ugo Matulic know, by heart, where the bodies are buried, chapter and verse. And can recall the people, the conversations, the statements, the claims, the emails, the publications, the places, events, and dates, over many years, with ease, from the tip of the tongue, at a moment’s notice. And can effortlessly, go on, authoritatively, holding forth – without notes – for hours, detailing the biggest art fraud in Canadian history."

I note with interest, that’s something purported Morrisseau art historian Robertson* cannot even contemplate doing. As she embarrassingly demonstrated at trial, she does NOT even know her own lines, let alone know what others – her list of no-account rejects above – have to say.

She was the only witness, in five days, mostly to have to read her own testimony (from her report, line after line, page after page). Not, to my mind, professor, the sign of a very informed or convincing so-called “expert,” is it now?

One other glaring misstep by the “expert” was her claim that the “Wascana Floater” was a sure sign of “Spirit Energy” being a fake, painted and signed by a forger NOT by Norval. When any grade school kid, looking at a few books published by her own colleagues, exposes what a farcical standard that is."

Excerpt from Article by John Goldi, copyright 2018.

* - Ms. Carmen Roberston, An associate professor of contemporary Aboriginal art history in the Department of Visual Arts, University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan & Member of the defunct Norval Morrisseau Heritage Society (NMHS).

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