Saturday, October 1, 2011

Surrealism meets Woodland (Part I)

~ Primitive Surrealism by Mitchell Poor ~

"Norval Morrisseau's Brain", © 2009 Mitchell Poor
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Artist's brief biography

"I was born in upstate New York and grew up in a small town in Vermont. It was in Vermont that I would explore the woods and invent worlds beyond my experience. I learned earlier I could render these worlds on paper. When I grew older I put my imagination into time tables and the requirements of daily higher education. After completing certain requirements I continued to learn through work.

The subconscious has always been a part of my work. Since the beginning of my rendering shapes out of scribbles. It has been a pleasure to share some of the darkest, grotesque and eventually beautiful insights that have floated to the surface. If I have any mission statement to explain or defend myself with, it is by all means necessary to experience any Art as you would watch a movie, with your own feelings.

If I can understand, tolerate and transform suffering for you the 'experiencing' then I have for filled a personal goal. My interpretation of Primitive may distort your truth as something being in the past, however for me it is timeless or an alternative reality. With Surrealism the jurisdiction of time, space and form are flexible with fantasy."

Mitchell Poor

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* The oil painting on board in this post: "Norval Morrisseau's Brain", © 2009 Mitchell Poor

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