Sunday, December 4, 2011

Homage to Norval Morrisseau

* This image had been originally published on October 13th, 2009

"Lonely Ghost and the Valley of Mountains ", © 2007 Richard Rossetto
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>>> The following has been posted TODAY on my "Facebook" wall by Mr. Richard J. Rossetto to commemorate the fourth anniversary of Norval Morrisseau's passing into the Spirit World:

"Four Years AGO on this day I STARTED RECEIVING VISITS from NORVAL MORRISSEAU. He comes to me in DREAMS, MEDITATION, while I am DRAWING and WRITING. He came to me with a WARNING that I would follow his fate if I was not careful. Although I never thought I had an ABUSE PROBLEM I started looking for ways to sober up. He has told me, he never knew the effects his bad Habits would have on his family (he would have wished he left them more stable) or younger artists ( the TRAGIC ARTIST LIFE has influenced too many young soldiers). That is how I got into self development.

This drawing was drawn over the period 36 hours after his death. His GHOST HAUNTED ME and sent chills up my spine for four days straight. It was completed on Dec 8th, 2007. This was the fastest work I have ever done. It is called "Lonely Ghost in the Valley of Mountains". It is about achieving GREAT FEATS and still feeling Isolated and alone. This work is owned in the private collection of John Kenny Declan McCrank.

Ugo Matulic, I am posting this up on your wall as you as you can get this message to those he loved and influenced.

Please let them know."

Richard J. Rossetto

Source: Image: 'rossetto ink' /Image & Text: Used with permission/
                                * Blog by Richard J. Rossetto

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* The ink drawing on paper in this post: "Lonely Ghost and the Valley of Mountains ", 12"x9.5", © 2007 Richard Rossetto

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