Wednesday, December 21, 2011


December 7th - 31st, 2011

US - CANADA Duty Free Shop Showroom 
Surrey, British Columbia CANADA


"Black Water Lake", © James A. Simon MISHIBINIJIMA
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BLACK WATER LAKE: Every now and then we come upon people who offer great respect towards the lands and waters of North America. These people feel the same land connection what the native people have towards their natural surroundings. What man does to its natural surrounds is what he does to himself and the future generations before him. All you have to do is to look into your children's eyes and see their children... What are they really saving for them?

Source: M I S H I B I N I J I M A - International Contemporary Artist

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> OFFERED FOR SALE @ 'MISHMOUNTAINS ART EXHIBITION' in Surrey, British Columbia CANADA /December 7th - 31st, 2011/

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