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Recommended Readings (Part XVI)


/Lister Sinclair, Jack Pollock, and Norval Morrisseau/; ISBN: 0-458-93820-3 /Toronto, Ontario: Methuen, 1979./

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The Art of Norval Morrisseau

The Art of Norval Morrisseau explores the genius of an artist whose work has been and continues to be influenced by symbolism and his own intrinsic spirituality. It is a story as perceived by writer/broadcaster Lister Sinclair, as experienced by his friend and long-time agent Jack Pollock and, ultimately, as told to us by the artist himself.

Norval Morrisseau is one of Canada's foremost artists and the acknowledged founder of the Woodland Indian School of Artists. Although his roots lie in the Ojibway culture, his genius as a creative painter defies classification. Steeped in tribal traditions since early childhood, he was the first to break a sacred taboo of his people by painting images based on the colorful myths and legends handed down to him by his grandfather, a shaman, and other members of the Great Ojibway.

Stories of rituals, ceremonies and magical god- like creatures come to life on canvas, as do the visions, dreams and inspirations Morrisseau experiences, because, as he tells us, a shaman-artist is endowed with special, spiritual powers.

Morrisseau's self-taught techniques and his intuitive sense of composition and balance are unsurpassed. His paintings with their bold design and striking colors are instantly recognizable; they have captured the imagination of art lovers everywhere, as well as inspiring other Indian artists who have accepted Morrisseau's visual language.

Above all, the book bears witness to Morrisseau's luminous art. It contains more than one hundred and thirty color reproductions of paintings and prints, as well as numerous drawings and other pictures rendered in black and white, accompanied, wherever possible, by legends and lore connected with the heritage of an ancient culture.

The Authors

Lister Sinclair (1921-2006)

Lister Sinclair was born in India in 1921. He attended school first in England and then in Vancouver at the University of British Columbia. Later, at the University of Toronto, he studied mathematics. He also became interested in anthropology as a result of his participation in several projects sponsored by the Ford Foundation.

Mr. Sinclair has written articles and essays as well as plays and documentaries for stage, film, radio and television. He has produced television plays and has lectured on the Fine Arts at York University in Toronto.

He holds honorary degrees from four Canadian universities - Mount Allison, Memorial, Sir Wilfrid Laurier and his alma mater, the University of British Columbia.

Jack Pollock (1930-1992)

Jack Pollock was born in Toronto in 1930. After attending the Ontario College of Art, he studied at the Slade School in London, England. When he returned to Canada in 1960, he opened his first art gallery on Elizabeth Street in Toronto.

Since then, he has been teacher, lecturer and gallery owner, as well as a dominant, vital and highly visible figure on the Canadian art scene.

Because of Mr. Pollock's strong commitment to art, he has promoted young Canadian talent for many years. He discovered Norval Morrisseau almost twenty years ago, has repeatedly exhibited his work and has introduced him to the international art world.

Jacket Illustration: Detail of Ojibway Family, 1977 /Private Collection/
ISBN: 0-458-93820-3



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