Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Medicine Man Speaks... The Legacy of Norval Morrisseau

 "Spirit of Manitoulin" (Manitou), 48"x94", © MISHIBINIJIMA

I was summoned on the weekend of Dec. 28, 2012 by my healer for other reasons where I took the opportunity to ask him about the legacy of Norval Morrisseau which he was aware of... the right person to do something about it is you " Mishibinijima":

"You speak no ill words or feelings to anyone, you are always trying to help people and you are powerful man in the art world where people come from ends of the earth to see you and your art.

The only way to bring new light into Morrisseau is to bring people closer into a circle, make this circle tight as possible and let no light escape. Every time the circle makes it's appearance, you make sure the sacred smudge is used within the circle. I see you standing in a circle of light which are people helping each other who belong in this tight circle and make sure everyone signs a book before being part of this circle. This circle will have it's own support from within and try not to speak to people who try to barge in, this is where the poison light is."

My personal visit was eye opening and I felt the challenge gigantic along with it's responsibilities, were does one begin which will get very expensive. The best way is to begin with "FACTS" and to work with art collectors with forensic documents towards their art collections and go from there.

MISHIBINIJIMA - January 1st, 2013


Source: M I S H I B I N I J I M A - International Artist and Consultant
/Text & image used with permission of the artist/

* The painting presented in this post (Acrylic & diamond on canvas): "Spirit of Manitoulin" (Manitou), 48"x94", © James A. Simon MISHIBINIJIMA /Collection of the artist/

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