Sunday, April 21, 2013

>>> Genuine, double certified Norval Morrisseau painting available for purchase

~ Great opportunity for a serious collector and/or Institution

"Shaman with Power Spirits", 29"x56", © 1977 Norval Morrisseau
~ acrylic on board; /Click on image to enlarge and/or click HERE for canvas VERSO/
Acquired from Randy Potter Estate Auctions;
Sold through Gallery Sunami, Toronto, Ontario;
Certified by David Morrisseau, Toronto, Ontario (click HERE and/or HERE);
Certified by Kenneth J. Davies, B.Sc. C.Ga CFC, Forensic Expert, Calgary, Alberta

"I transmit astral plane harmonies through my brushes into the physical plane. These otherworld colours are reflected in the alphabet of nature, a grammar in which the symbols are plants, animals, birds, fishes, earth and sky. I am merely a channel for the spirit to utilize, and it is needed by a spirit starved society."

Location of item: Toronto, Ontario

NOTE: This paintings was acquired from Randy Potter Estate Auction in Pickering, Ontario. At a later date this painting was purchased through Gallery Sunami, Toronto, Ontario by a private collector from Toronto, Ontario. This painting came with certification by David Morrisseau, Toronto, Ontario (artist's son) and it has been forensically certified by Kenneth J. Davies, B.Sc. C.Ga CFC - Forensic Document Examiner and Handwriting Expert from Calgary Alberta (click HERE for full Forensic Report by Mr. Davies, dated April 18th, 2012). This painting was proven to be as authentic as hundreds of other Norval Morrisseau paintings sold through Mr. Potter's auction house during the past two decades. 

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