Friday, April 19, 2013

>>> Genuine Norval Morrisseau painting currently available for purchase on eBay

~ Great opportunity for a serious collector and/or Institution

"Dance of the Beaver", 22"x21", © 1976 Norval Morrisseau
~ acrylic on deer hide; FROM COLLECTION OF MR. RANDY POTTER 
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"The beaver was considered sacred by the Ojibway who, because of its meat and fur, regarded it as a source of life… The first beaver of the year that is caught by the Ojibway is always eaten in a manner that is considered sacred. Some Indians would spread a clean cloth and have the first beaver eaten on the floor, not on the table. All the bones are tied in a bundle in a clean cloth with ribbons and tobacco and are thrown in water. This is believed to bring good luck in catching beaver for the coming season."


~ To view this genuine Norval Morrisseau acrylic on deer hide currently presented on eBay click HERE.

NOTE: This paintings comes from collection of Mr. Randy Potter who used to own Randy Potter Estate Auction in Pickering, Ontario - the same place that painting "Wheel of Life, 1979" was acquired from. This painting ("Wheel of Life, 1979") was part of "Hatfield, Margaret Lorraine vs. Child, Donna and Artworld of Sherway" court case and was proven to be as authentic as hundreds of other Norval Morrisseau paintings sold through Mr. Potter's auction house during the past two decades.  

>>> Reference post:
- Signatures on Norval Morrisseau artworks certified by Forensic Science.-

*   Norval Morrisseau's Quote from "Legends of My People The Great Ojibway"; Page 21 - Illustrated and told by Norval Morriseau, Edited by Selwyn Dewdney /© The Ryerson Press, 1965; ISBN: 0-7700-0110-6/

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