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Norval Morrisseau Memorial at Glenbow Museum
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"Norval Morrisseau has been chastised by Native elders for appropriating images from sacred sites and depicting secret stories only passed down orally by shamans. His work is a combination of these oral traditions and his exposure to Christianity at the residential school he attended."
Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Alberta CANADA

~ Click HERE for a list of Teacher Resources at Glenbow Museum. WWW.NORVALMORRISSEAU.COM, operated by the NORVAL MORRISSEAU BLOG's blog master Ugo Matulić a.k.a. Spirit Walker. Every page of this website is directing readers to the most comprehensive source of information on Norval Morrisseau and Woodland School of Art - the NORVAL MORRISSEAU BLOG at

Blog Master's note:  The Norval Morrisseau Blog is an educational initiative dedicated to the promotion of one of Canada’s most renowned Aboriginal artists and creation of a digital archive to honour the legacy of his life’s work.

We have published more than 2,000 posts, thousands of pictures, hundreds of documents (e.g. accredited professional Forensic Document Examiner's reports), related to the art of Norval Morrisseau, so that people around the world who regularly view our blog - museum curators, archivists, fine art collectors, academics, educators, and admirers of fine art - can have a better understanding and appreciation of the long career and singular achievements of this landmark Canadian artist, who was hailed as a “genius” at the very first exhibition he ever held at The Pollock Gallery in September 1962.

Norval was also the most prolific artist in world history, having produced well over 10,000 original artworks. We dedicate this blog to the loyal Norval Morrisseau collectors around the world who represent a legion of collectors outnumbering more than any other leading artist. We are thankful for the tremendous support our educational blog has garnered from countless Morrisseau fans around the world.

>>> Reference posts:
- Norval Morrisseau Blog part of Educational Resources at Queen's University & - Norval Morrisseau Blog part of Native Cultural Resources at the 'Native Art In Canada' website.

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