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The Fearful Cost of Filing Malicious, Libelous, & Defamatory “Dead-end” Morrisseau “Fakes” Lawsuits

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The Biggest Loser - Margaret Hatfield lost a ton of money, and her reputation lies in tatters, for the Ages, because of  her ill-advised and misguided lawsuit, alleging Morrisseau “fakes.” And then, after being confirmed as having a genuine painting by two eminent Canadian judges, compounding the infamy by allowing her painting to be used to promote art terrorism against Canadian collectors and the art of Norval Morrisseau.

The Runner-Up - John McDermott,  wisely bailed out of his similar lawsuit, alleging “fakes,” with minimal damage to his reputation, when, after doing Due Diligence, he saw the disaster that overtook Hatfield, saving himself a ton of money.

And he abandoned BEFORE the Hon Madam Justice Mary Anne Sanderson put the nail in the coffin of Hatfield’s Appeal of the Martial Judgment… Proving to anyone with basic intelligence that McDermott had done the right thing, in the nick of time.

Potentially, the Biggest Loser of All - Kevin Hearn, the celebrity ivory tickler, seems intent on repeating the Hatfield fiasco and seems completely willing to face a looming disaster of epic proportion, to his pocket book, and to his reputation, by being the only left in the entire world, trying to prove something no one has ever done in 15 years and in numerous courts: that there is a forgery factory making thousands of fakes in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and his is one of them. And his advisors, Ritchie Sinclair and Donald Robinson are willing to back him up…

Hatfield spent $60,000 and couldn’t do it; McDermott was convinced he couldn’t do it; Hearn has tons of money, and for back-up, the same multiply-discredited advisors who served their deadly cocktail of misinformation to the little old schoolteacher, with such devastating, and totally predictable results…

Can he do it? Would you bet on it?

In my unreserved opinion, here’s why I’m convinced he’s off to walk the plank…

John Goldi
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