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Canadian Mainstream Media's Continuing Destruction of the Norval Morrisseau Legacy...

Updated on May 21st, 2018


The following copyrighted section is an excerpt taken from, “,” and used with permission from the author John Goldi CSC.

"On the Morrisseau file, the mainstream media’s record is beyond execrable.

From the beginning the mainstream media has been hand-in-glove with the fraudsters because they – like the OPP at Ipperwash – provide ready-made handouts to journalists and give them the “facts” and the conclusions all tied up with ribbons:

– none published the Globe’s worst incident of anti-Indigenous journalistic malfeasance in its entire history (re Moniz v CTVglobemedia) and its payout of $25,000 for Libel and Defamation of genuine Morrisseau paintings,

– none published Joe Otavnik’s landmark lawsuit win over Gabe Vadas who paid him $11,000 to shut up and go away, rather than face a judge with his false accusations that Joe’s paintings were “fake,”

– none published that Art Terrorist Ritchie Sinclair was arrested by Toronto Police for Criminal Harassment of 82 year old Joe McLeod, a perennial target for art terrorism by the KRG/NMHS Combine,

– none published Judge Lacavera’s damning denunication of Ritchie Sinclair (in Regina v Otavnik) for repeatedly lying on the stand,

– none published about KRG’s abandonment of KRG’s Million Dollar lawsuit for Libel and Slander, v Ugo Matulic, which it had loudly, aggressively and published for years,

– none published about Bell Media/CTV’s worst incident of anti-Indigenous journalistic malfeasance in its history, by promoting, on air, and on the net, racist Indian imposter/impersonator Ritchie Sinclair as a credible voice. An incident that led to them shutting down Canada AM rather than face the wrath of advertisers I said I would go to to expose their racist malfeasance,

– none published about the disgraceful forced SAW Gallery dismount of a genuine Morrisseau, and a Public Apology in the Ottawa Citizen, after the judicially and forensically authenticated painting had been promoted as a “fake” by Ritchie Sinclair and the National Gallery of Canada’s Greg Hill,

– and true to standing orders from their bosses, the mainstream media NEVER mentions or promotes any blogger, no matter how incredibly credible is their archive of historic documents, or how extensive are the credentials and expertise of the researchers and publicists.

The quality of blogger publishing is what has destroyed and collapsed the mainstream media business in the 21st century, and sent it scurrying for government welfare handouts to stay afloat.

– I could go on with this list that further disgraces a media profession, if that were possible…

It’s easy to see why the tide for truthful, informed, and reputable reportage turned away from the usual “journalist hacks” to public communicators who were themselves fed up with the unresearched and unsubstantiated drivel produced by the mass media."

Excerpt from Article by John Goldi CSC, copyright 2018.

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