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Fourth Anniversary of Nick Lebessis' Passing into the Spirit World

March 29th, 1953 - November 2nd, 2014 

Nicholas (Nick) Lebessis, Professional Appraiser &
Promoter of Inuit Art and Woodland School of Art

"Nick was very passionate about his art, especially Morrisseau. He felt that he was the only artist worth admiring and collecting." ~ Gino Restivo

Considered to be ‘the resident philosopher of the native art dealers,’ Nick Lebessis was well known in the Inuit art community for his knowledge of the Inuit people’s culture and language.

Lebessis had been involved with all of the stages of the “Journey of Inuit art,” from the procurement of materials to marketing, curating, lecturing, publishing, distributing and retailing Inuit art on a domestic and global level.

His experience brought a refreshing and intimate inside view to the wonderful world of the arts that he so readily shared with others interested in the subject.

He was also great promoter of the following artists: Jackson Beardy (1944-1984), Eddy Cobiness (1933-1996), Alex Janvier (b. 1935), Norval Morrisseau (1931-2007), Daphne Odjig (b. 1919), Carl Ray (1942-1978), Clemence WescoupeBenjamin Chee Chee and others. 

He was owner of Sedna Art Gallery in Banff, Alberta and Northern Art Impressions in Lake Louise (Samson Mall), Alberta.

Today, his daughter Ms. Sophia Lebessis of Transformation Fine Art continues with his Legacy:

"My dad raised his kids as true Inuk- Greeks. He taught us to be self-aware, more importantly, he raised his children to have a deep understanding of the Inuit’s contribution to Canada.

I grew up alongside him in the gallery listening to him talk so philosophically about Inuit art. I’ve witnessed him transform skeptical minds about the capacity of Indigenous artists to challenge misconceptions.

I always considered my father the most interesting man in any room. He also loved First Nations people. He shared their love of humour.

I grew up understanding First Nationsculture  through the art of Norval Morrisseau and Clemence Wescoupe, Daphne Odjig, Benjamin Chee-Chee and Carl Ray of the Woodland School of art.

I remember playing in the backyard of Morrisseau’s house while my father and he visited. He was a raconteur of great sensitivity and verve! I’m pleased to be following in his footsteps.

My mother, Rachel Qitsualik, and I share a passion for writing. We write beautifully together. She works in Inuit oral history preservation. Our first project together will be writing on the role of Inuit women.”

Sophia Lebesis, Transformation Fine Art, Calgary, Alberta

The above copyrighted Sophia Lebessis' statement about her father Nicholas (Nick) Lebessis is published with permission of Ms. Sophia Lebessis, the owner of the 'Transformation Fine Art Gallery.'

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