Friday, April 5, 2019

COMING UP NEXT... The reasons behind Jamie Kastner's "THERE ARE NO FAKES" documentary (Part 2 of 7)

"We cannot ever be afraid of the truth" ~ Jane Philpott

"If you do not stick to your principles and to your values, then you really don’t have anything to stand on."

~ Jody Wilson-Raybould

The following are the parts which are being addressed in this series of posts addressing the upcoming “THERE ARE NO FAKES” documentary:

Part 3 of 7: Did Jamie Kastner deliberately avoid interviewing the Key people?

Part 4 of 7: What is Jamie Kastner’s association with Executive producer of “THERE ARE NO FAKES” documentary?

Part 5 of 7: Did Jamie Kastner give a platform to individuals who perjured themselves in Court cases related to Authenticity of Norval Morrisseau’s artwork?

Part 6 of 7: Did Jamie Kastner accept the Court's opinion about testimonies of two witnesses who did not provide one single documentary evidence of the existence of the supposed Thunder Bay Forgery ring?

Comment: “I thought that Court's decisions and ‘especially’ documentaries were based on ‘proven’ documentary evidence!”

Part 7 of 7: Summary and Final comment, based on a Trailer, additional video clip and information presented in Canadian Media!


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