Monday, November 12, 2007

How to recognize original artwork of Norval Morrisseau?


Please stay tuned for answers on this and many other question the are on mind of many Norval Morrisseau collectors and lovers of his art. This blog will address all of the issues relating to the great mind of the Genius of Norval Morrisseau.
"Let truth speak who is Norval Morrisseau and what should be done to preserve his legacy!"
*The painting in this posting is an authentic work of © Norval Morrisseau


Anonymous said...

it seems to me that there are two factions at work here.people who do it for the art and people who do it for greed. I believe that Gabe Vadas belongs to the latter group. As far as I know Vadas has never been employed in the art industry or in any other industry for that fact. That in its own right makes me wonder where he gets his income to purchase not one, but two homes on Vancouver Island. I feel that Norval has been, and still is being taken advantage of. I can find no record of an account, in any financial institution, for Norval Morrisseau. When we dig deeper we find that Gabe Vadas has nine accounts across the country. I have seen Norval three times in the past three years and each time he can NOT communicate in any verbal means, so when I read "Norval said this Norval said that" I take it with a grain of salt. I feel that Vadas is speaking for Norval and that is a blatent case of fraud. The truth will come to light, like it always does, and maybe Gabe Vadas will be shown as the fraud that he is.

Anonymous said...

I was at two shows in the same week in late 2006. One was at gallery 223 in Nanaimo and the other was at Qualicum Frameworks Gallery in Qualicum Beach. The first one I went to was at 223. Here I met Norval Morrisseau and his self described agent Gabe Vadas. At this show there were no major pieces that I would buy. There were approximately 20 pieces, mostley small works that were not dated, no authenticities were apparent and over all a very dissappointing show. The second show on the other hand was unbelievable. There were 28 major pieces available. Six of the pieces I had seen at other shows and another 5 were published in different publications. All the works were signed in sylibis on the front and signature and dated on the back. The owner told me that a week before the show Gabe Vadas came into his gallery and told him all the works were fakes. Thank goodness he went ahead with the show because the works were absolutely breathtaking. I purchased two works and I love them more every day. The feeling I got from the show at 223 was that they were trying to put one over on me.The feeling I left with at the qualicum show is that they actually cared about me as a customer. Thank you qualicum frameworks gallery.

Anonymous said...

What credentials does this Gabe Vadas guy have to authenticate art anyway? Does he hold a membership somewhere and is he registered with any organization other than the defunct Norval Morrisseau Heritage Society? This NMHS never answers any of my emails that I have sent them.It is my understanding that the NMHS had six members and now has one left.What is going on here?

Christian Morrisseau said...

Good day to you all
I thank you all for you intrest
in the woodland art movment I also thank you all that beleave in the religious side of the woodland art.
That have been in my family for for genration.
It is your beleif that make us what we are today . beacause all was almost lost untill my father
began to share who we are as an ojibway nation.
It is my beleif that the grandfather favor me then any others that are looking after my fathers best intrest
I have started a morrrisseau family foundtion that includes all of my father true blood line from his 7 children and all grand children and all great grand children
The main purpose of this foundation is to find out some truth. and to let it be known.
As you can see from my web site that my father has never given us anything from child support to painting.
I have done the best i can with the sale of my art work and trades for legal servise and with the help of others in this battle
Any help that you can provide that if be a dontion to the foundation or any advice you can give will be greatful
And I also incourage you all to follow your heart in this matter
as I do
the to all
from the morrisseau Family

Anonymous said...

It's refreshing to see that others share the same sentiment I have for this Vadas. I know for a fact that he had been screening calls to Norval, not letting anybody talk to him. His self-appointed curatorial committee appears to be nothing more than to increase the value of his own collection. I have met the man, and he is in a nutshell...a blowhard and not very intelligent. He does not come across as a philantropist in anyway, to say the least. The suit and purse and sows ear comes to mind. His own hubris should serve to expose his intent. This fraud Vadas, must be exposed, he is not a good person. Blogs such as this are a good start.

Anonymous said...

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