Monday, February 10, 2014

“The Court finds that there is overwhelming evidence that Norval Morrisseau signed paintings in black brush paint.” - Judge Paul J. Martial

Hatfield vs. Artworld of Sherway
/Court File No. SC-09-087264-0000/
Five court cases over the period of seven years...

After five court cases over the period of seven years nobody has ever been successful in pointing out one case where it was proven that someone made, sold, distributed or even marketed one "fake" Norval Morrisseau painting.

1.1 - Otavnik vs. Vadas SC 07-51428-00,
2.1 - Moniz vs. CTV Globemedia Publishing Inc. CV-07-1776 SR,
3.1 - Browne and Witmer vs. Bearclaw Gallery  CV-09-00370363,
4.1 - Otavnik vs. Sinclair SC 09-00082782-0000,
4.2 - CASE SUMMARY: Otavnik vs. Sinclair SC 09-00082782-0000,
5.1 - Hatfield  vs. Child SC-09-087264-0000.

"The Hatfield case was unique in that it represented the first time a Morrisseau authentication joust had proceeded through a complete trial – it required five hearings spanning about two and a half years and resulting in 750 pages of published evidence – and ended with a judicial ruling." 'The Globe and Mail'

"After a careful consideration of all of the evidence, the Court finds that on the balance of probabilities that the painting "Wheel of Life" dated February 1979 is an original Norval Morrisseau and undoubtedly one of his most notorious paintings."
~ Judge Paul J Martial

"In all of these court cases Forensic science have been used proving that paintings in question were signed by Norval Morrisseau (click HERE)." ~ Ugo Matulić


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