Tuesday, February 25, 2014

>>> Ugo Matulic wins $1,000,000 SLAPP suit against Kinsman Robinson Galleries (Part IV)

Kinsman Robinson Galleries vs. Ugo Matulic /CV-10-417123/

Ugo Matulic in front of Kinsman Robinson Galleries, February 2013


"KRG SLAPP Suit Target Ugo Matulic of Calgary, Alberta, celebrates his total judicial triumph (May, 2013) and vindication, outside Toronto’s Kinsman Robinson Galleries, whose principals sued him for One Million Dollars for “defamation” in 2010. Ugo is famous in Canadian history as the first person ever taken to court by the Morrisseau Conspiracy Theorists. Though they have had 13 years to take “thousands of forgeries and umpteen forgers” to court they have never done it, even once, knowing full well they have no believable evidence, of any kind, that will hold up in any court. Instead the Principal Conspiracy Theorist, the Junior Morrisseau Conspiracy Theorist, who work inside this gallery – alongside the Principal Blogging Conspiracy Theorist – have targeted Morrisseau researchers and investigative journalists, to try to shut them up, and stop them from exposing what has been called “the greatest fraud in Canadian art history.” Matulic has amassed what can only be called a stunning collection of compromising documentary evidence that catalogues (my call) the history of the biggest hoax, as well as the biggest act of cultural genocide, in Canadian history. AFTER THIS PICTURE WAS TAKEN MATULIC WENT INSIDE... TOURED THE GALLERY, CHATTING AND SHAKING HANDS WITH JOHN MACGREGOR NEWMAN, THE ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR OF THE GALLERY. No one recognized the man they had been attacking and defaming for years on the KRG corporate blog, and against whom they had launched a totally specious million dollar SLAPP suit."

~ Source: http://themorrisseauhoaxexposedblog.com/


The far reaching implications if Kinsman Robinson Galleries had silenced my voice would have been felt for decades. This court case Kinsman Robinson Galleries vs. Ugo Matulic, together with Hatfield vs. Artworld of Sherway, enhanced the value of not only Norval Morrisseau's but the future of all First Nations art as well. 

The Plaintiffs (Kinsman Robinson Galleries, Donald Robinson and Paul Robinson) demanded from the court the following:

"(d) an order requiring the Defendant to publish a clear and unreserved retraction on the Blog, as defined below, in respect of the Defamatory Words in a fashion that is at least as prominent as the Defamatory Words that appeard on the Blog;"

"(e) an order the Defendant to delete or destroy all electronic and physical copies of the articles containing the Defamatory Words;"

"(f) an order requiring the Defendant to provide the Plaintiffs with the identity of any person or corporation that hosts, publishes, republishes or posts links to the Defamatory Words, including the identity of the Defendant's internet service provider ("ISP");"

"(g) an order requiring the Defendant to send written requests to any person or corporation that hosts, publishes, republishes or posts links to the Defamatory Words, including Defendant's ISP;"

/Source: KINSMAN ROBINSON GALLERIES, DONALD ROBINSON and PAUL ROBINSON vs. UGO MATULIC (CV-10-417123) "Statement of Claim"; Pages: 10 & 11 - PDF/

BLOG MASTER'S COMMENT: I very successfully succeeded in defending this frivolous SLAPP suit and I will continue pursuing our mission of seeking justice for Norval Morrisseau and his art, which is a vital aspect of Canada’s heritage.

IMPORTANT NOTES: I was in the process of submitting a long list of documents they would be required to produce that they have hidden from public scrutiny for the last 13 years. And they knew that is what they would have to reveal. Also financial documents, which actually show their profits went up from the Hoax, and not down from my revelations.

The Plaintiffs (Kinsman Robinson Galleries, Donald Robinson and Paul Robinson) signed the Full and Final Release dropping all charges against me as soon as the judgement by Judge Paul J. Martial in Hatfield vs. Artworld of Sherway was announced.

In this court case the Plaintiff (Donald Robinson) was stripped of most of the claims he has ever made as a Morrisseau expert and authenticator of Norval Morrisseau's artworks. Judge Paul J. Martial rejected his so-called "expert report”, his analysis, his conclusions, and his abilities as Morellian analyst and a handwriting expert (click HERE for more info).

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