Thursday, February 6, 2014

Unexplained behaviour of 'The Toronto Star' by removing the last paragraph...

... of the article published on February 4th, 2014.

Written by: Visual arts, Published on 04-FEB-2014
"The mythology of alleged forgeries of Morrisseau’s works looms large over Canadian art, driving some, like B.C. historian John Goldi, to refute their existence. His site, The Morrisseau Hoax Exposed, gamely tries to debunk the possibility that forgeries could exist at all. He claims to be able to present “proof that the story of the Morrisseau forgeries is, in fact, nothing, if not THE GREATEST CANADIAN HOAX OF ALL TIME (sic).” 

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BLOG MASTER'S COMMENT: The above paragraph was suddenly, and shockingly, removed from the end of The Toronto Star's article presented in the previous post.

The person noted in the deleted paragraph, Mr. John Goldi, wants to know "why, by whose directive, and on what possible basis, the Star removed this completely innocuous paragraph, which has no libelous or defamatory content of any kind against anyone. And is merely a notice of another source of possible information." (; February 5th, 2014)

I am certain the readers of this platform, as Mr. Goldi, would also want to know the reasons behind The Toronto Star's decision to edit their article "Morrisseau painting not a fake, Toronto dealer says", as they state, "for legal reasons."   

Source of The Toronto Star's deleted paragraph:
"Morrisseau painting not a fake, Toronto dealer says"

Ref.: Mr. John Goldi's


There are many of you who possess important valuable information such as paintings, photographs and other printed/written materials which will greatly assist our common goal. I urge you to provide this information to me for public record. Norval Morrisseau has become one of Canada's greatest all time artists and is recognized for his importance Worldwide...

... All the parties mentioned in posts presented on this platform are free to comment on this blog's findings under condition that they present their statements and opinions which are backed up with documentation to support these statements and these opinions.

ONLY statements and opinions which are supported with corresponding documentation will be published on this platform for public record and possible discussion.

Also, this invitation extends not just to the individuals and organizations mentioned on this platform but to all Norval Morrisseau's admirers, researchers, investigators, news reporters and art collectors as long as they verifiably disclose their identity...

... Your assistance is needed now! Your actions will greatly benefit your art as an investment and safeguard Norval Morrisseau's Legacy.

Thank you/Miigwetch,

Ugo Matulić a.k.a. Spirit Walker

> For the purposes of this blog I would like to be referred to as Spirit Walker. Miigwetch!


~ More information to follow SOON...

>>> Reference post:
- "Morrisseau painting not a fake, Toronto dealer says"; writing by Murray Whyte (The Toronto Star).


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Sherry Crawford said...

Dear Spirtwalker,

I want to thank you for your continued efforts to 'unravel' ..this Morrisseau mess for the sake of ALL Morrisseau Collectors and Dealers. I am very impressed with the way you verify 'everything' you post with documentation, facts!! I would like to see Norval's lifework and legacy become one that Canadian's are proud to share, not hide their heads in doubt, wondering if they should 'show' their 'pieces', or try to resell. This 'mess' has caused many people to try to 'rid' themselves of beautiful pieces, that in fact, are probably real...but due to this craziness, are unable to enjoy . When I see these beautiful pieces going for 'nothing' on ebay.. it is a shame, and just not right! You are doing exactly as you should... presenting the facts, asking for 'feedback' and letting the information speak for itself. You seem to be the only 'blog' online that openly offers and requests readers to share information that may help to prove or disprove your posts, to date, I haven't seen any proof that what you post is incorrect ..only endorsements and support.. this speaks volumes to me! Perhaps you can ask all the 'drybrush' painting OWNERS, COLLECTORS.... to send you pics and you could perhaps start a catalogue of Drybrush paintings and along with pictures, stories, documentation, etc. Strength in Numbers!!

Thank you,

Sherry Crawford