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> Genuine Khan Auctions' Norval Morrisseau painting sold by Kinsman Robinson Galleries authenticated by Forensic Science (Part I)


"Warriors in Circle of Life," acrylic on canvas, 34" x 32",
© 1974 Norval Morrisseau /Click on image to Enlarge/ 

PROVENANCE: Acquired by Mr. David Voss of Thunder Bay, Ontario who supplied it to Mr. Randy Potter of Kahn Auctions, Pickering, Ontario. It was purchased on September 29th, 1999 by
Mr. Donald Robinson of Kinsman Robinson Galleries (KRG).
/Click on image to Enlarge/

~ This painting, was sold to Ms. Jane Brown (Battye) on March 11, 2000 by Mr. Paul Robinson of Kinsman Robinson Galleries, Toronto Ontario.


I have received the following e-mail with Mr. Robert Battye of Oakville, Ontario on April 27th, 2015:

"Hello Ugo

Thank you for writing your blog. 

I've spent the last few nights intensely reading your and the hoax blog, trying to make sense of this entire Morrisseau fake scene. 

Something of interest to you, or maybe not. 

My wife bought  a acrylic on canvas from KRG in spring 2000.  The title is Warrior and the Wheel of life.  It has Norval's signature on the back,with the title.  Looks similar to the one in the Art World of Sherway case.   

I think it's  part of the paintings bought from Randy Potter, that the hoaxs refers to as the Wanker 31 and she still has the invoice from KRG, signed.  

I'm not sure how accurate everything is online, but it's upsetting to my wife that she bought a painting from KRG, and now it seems as if they are calling it (along with all paintings signed on the back) a fake.  

I'm not interested in causing a big stink publicly about this, but I'm curious to know your opinion.  

Thanks for your time, 


/An e-mail communication shown herein is presented in the public's interest/

NOTE: Subsequent e-mail dated April 28th, 2015 by Mr. Robert Battye included images of the front and back side of the painting titled "Warriors in Circle of Life;" mistakenly titled "Warrior and the Wheel of life" in his previous e-mail, shown above.

/Preceded KRG's $1,000,000 SLAPP suit against Ugo Matulic /

Donald Robinson
Over the period between late 1999 and early 2000 Mr. Donald Robinson successfully purchased 28 lots of paintings in the amount of $53,238.73 including GST from the Kahn Auctions, Pickering, Ontario.

The below presented receipt was the first one in series. He openly encouraged other people to buy them and unsuccessfully bid on another 40 to 60 more paintings from the same auction house.

~ Dated September 29th, 1999
- Receipt made out to Mr. Donald Robinson of Kinsman Robinson Galleries at Kahn Auctions showing "Warriors in Circle of Life" listed (Lot #98) /Click on image to enlarge/


> Mr. Donald Robinson of Kinsman Robinson Galleries in his blog's post of August 28th, 2008 'Fighting smears: Auction canvases' (click HERE to view its screen capture before it was deleted by KRG Blog Master) extended his knowledge of Norval Morrisseau's art to that "of an expert" claiming "After investigation, we found that none of these paintings had heavy black, faded writing on the back. Even today. I have never seen a Morrisseau painting, with a provenance traceable back to the artist, with this kind of writing on the back".


"Integrity is not a 90 percent thing, not a 95 percent thing; either you have it or you don't."
~ Peter Scotese


For complete report click HERE.


~ As per decision of the SUPREME COURT OF CANADA (December 22, 2009), journalists and other media, including bloggers, will be protected from lawsuits if they diligently try to verify information on matters that are in the public interest (click HERE for more information and/or check NORVAL MORRISSEAU BLOG's DISCLAIMER @ the bottom of this page ). ~ -

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