Friday, December 13, 2013

The first Norval Morrisseau painting "ever to be authenticated BEYOND 'DNA' CERTAINTY"

~ UPDATED December 15th, 2013


"Shaman Envelopes Soma" 52"x42",
© 1976 Norval Morrisseau /Click on image to Enlarge/
~ Click HERE to view the inscription on the reverse side of canvas
Source: Randy Potter Estate Auction, Pickering, Ontario

> Click HERE for more information about this painting, verbally authenticated by Mr. Donald Robinson of Kinsman Robinson Galleries who was the underbidder on this genuine Norval Morrisseau artwork when it was purchased at auction by Goldi Productions Ltd. on January 26th, 2000. Also, this painting has been authenticated by two top internationally recognized Forensic Document Examiners and Handwriting Experts: Mr. Kenneth J. Davies of 'Hawkeye Studios (Grapho-Lab® Services)' on December 19th, 2011 (click HERE to download this report) and Dr. Atul K. Singla of Worldwide Forensic Services Inc. on December 3rd, 2013 (this report is to be presented soon).

~ For more information about this painting's background history click HERE (a blog post dated May 29th, 2011) & HERE (a blog post dated September 24th, 2012) or click HERE to read the blog post “Beyond DNA Certainty:” Morrisseau’s “Shaman Envelopes Soma 1976″; published on December 4th, 2013 at

>>> This painting continues to be labeled as an "INFERIOR COUNTERFEIT NORVAL MORRISSEAU painting" by Ritchie Sinclair who still unrespectfully claims to be a Norval Morrisseau protégé (click HERE for a .PDF screen capture taken TODAY or read our recently presented post "Continuous malicious behaviour of Mr. Ritchie Sinclair towards the Legacy of Norval Morrisseau (Part I)" published on December 1st, 2013.

This proves that Mr. Sinclair is motivated entirely by malicious intent and has no interest whatsoever in promoting and publicizing the truth.    


All the parties mentioned in posts presented on the NORVAL MORRISSEAU BLOG are free to comment on this blog's findings under condition that they present their statements and opinions which are backed up with documentation to support these statements and these opinions.

ONLY statements and opinions which are supported with corresponding documentation will be published on this platform for public record and possible discussion.

Also, this invitation extends not just to the individuals and organizations mentioned on this platform but to all Norval Morrisseau's admirers, researchers, investigators, news reporters and art collectors as long as they verifiably disclose their identity.

Thank you/Miigwetch,

Ugo Matulić a.k.a. Spirit Walker


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Sherry Crawford said...

Dear Spiritwalker,
I am pleased that you are continuing to present the 'facts' and backing it up with documentation. It is also very good and that you are inviting 'all interested parties' to submit new information, or challenge the facts you have presented. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate that you spend so much of your time, and money, trying to keep Norval's name and legacy presented in a good way, regardless of the 'obstacles.
There is a saying .... 'If you always tell the truth, you never have to remember anything'...the truth, is always the same! Your dedication and passion for Norval and his beautiful work will not go unrewarded! Miigwetch!
Sherry Crawford, Ontario