Friday, December 27, 2013

Remembering Isaac Bignell

~ 18th Anniversary of Isaac Bignell's passing into the Spirit World
    /December 17, 1995 - December 17, 2013/

By SpiritWalker2008-

"My art is strongly influenced by the traditions of my people. I was brought up to live off the land from an early age. Hunting and trapping, living in harmony with the earth has taught me to respect the animals and the spirit and power of nature. I hoop dance and sing Pow Wows to maintain my cultural heritage. Through art and dancing I attempt to influence native people to continue their cultural ways; the gift that was given to us by the Great Spirit."

Isaac Bignell (1958-1995)



BLOG MASTER'S COMMENT: "Speaking about this particular style of art though, North American Native, Aboriginal, Indian art, the first native piece of art I purchased was by Isaac Bignell, a Cree Indian from Manitoba. He used a different style, a style that was more influenced by Benjamin Chee Chee than Norval Morrisseau, it was very simplistic, a minimalist style with powerful images of birds and animals and bison and stuff. It was very powerful; it affected me to start collecting the art. I was pretty much collecting Isaac Bignell’s until a dealer from Winnipeg , by the name of Anthony Martinenko offered me a Norval Morrisseau painting, which I was familiar with thanks to the Glenbow show. I bought one of them (click HERE) and that was the beginning of me collecting Norval Morrisseau’s art exclusively."

~ An excerpt from an "Interview With Ugo Matulic Collector of Norval Morrisseau" originally published on March 1st, 2010 on this platform.

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