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Nineteenth Anniversary of Purchase of the Norval Morrisseau's Painting "ever to be authenticated BEYOND 'DNA' CERTAINTY"

Kevin Hearn Vs. Joseph B. McLeod and Maslak McLeod Gallery Inc.
/Court File No. CV-12-455650/


~ Justice Edward M. Morgan, May 24, 2018

"Shaman Envelopes Soma" 52"x42",
© 1976 Norval Morrisseau /Click on image to Enlarge/
~ Click HERE to view the front of this painting and/or click HERE to view the inscription on the reverse side of canvas; Click HERE for larger view of the Questioned Document Examination.

The above genuine Norval Morrisseau paintings was verbally authenticated by Mr. Donald Robinson of Kinsman Robinson Galleries who was the underbidder on this genuine Norval Morrisseau artwork when it was purchased at the late Mr. Randy Potter's Kahn Auction by Mr. John Goldi CSC of Goldi Productions Ltd. NINETEEN YEARS AGO TODAY on January 26th, 2000. For more information click HERE and HERE.

Click HERE for Forensic Report dated December 3rd, 2013 by Dr. Atul K. Singla, proving with DNA certainty that this inscription on the canvas VERSO is a true signature of Norval Morrisseau (see above).

Conclusion of Dr. Atul K. Singla's Examination:

Examination and comparison of the questioned and known signatures, as described in detail in the report and on the illustrative charts lead to the following conclusion:

1. The questioned signature X1 was written by the writer of known signatures K1 to K11 and S1 to S13.

Click HERE for more information.


For genuine Norval Morrisseau painting acquired from Kahn Auction by Mr. Donald Robinson of Kinsman Robinson Galleries, also authenticated by Forensic science, click HERE.

For genuine Norval Morrisseau painting acquired from Kahn Auction and appraised by Kinsman Robinson Galleries click HERE.


Additional notes: Two years earlier, on December 19th, 2011 forensics and handwriting expert Mr. Kenneth J. Davies of 'Hawkeye Studios (Grapho-Lab® Services)' (Calgary, Alberta) also forensically certified that “Shaman Envelopes Soma, 1976” was an authentic work signed by the hand of Norval Morrisseau and no one else. Click HERE to download this report.

Both of these reports by two independent internationally recognized Forensic Document Examiners and Handwriting Experts (Mr. Kenneth J. Davies & Dr. Atul K. Singla) were prepared for Mr. Ugo Matulic of Calgary, Alberta (Blog Master of the Norval Morrisseau Blog.)

Source (painting): Randy Potter Estate Auction, Pickering, Ontario

Additional important note: The painting in a court case Kevin Hearn Vs. Joseph B. McLeod and Maslak McLeod Gallery Inc. was authenticated by Mr. Kenneth J. Davies and he had testified in court and succressfully defended his Forensic Report. This report was also prepared for Mr. Ugo Matulic of Calgary, Alberta. Click HERE for more information.

"Examining signatures for authenticity is "not that easy."

It requires obtaining a genuine signature from the same time period – "and then it's a long process," comparing them using computer programs and such sophisticated tools as a video spectral comparator.

But if it's a forged signature, almost 100 per cent of the time we can detect the forgery."

Dr. Atul K. Singla of Worldwide Forensic Services Inc. (Toronto, Ontario)

* - Quotation of Dr. Singla from article "Handwriting analysis can change lives" ; By Sat., Jan. 19, 2008 ""

> This video was originally published by CTV News (Canada AM) on Wednesday, Apr. 23, 20s14 showing Dr. Atul Singla explaining the authenticity of genuine Norval Morrisseau painting, also signed by the artist with a dry brush (DB) technique as the painting presented above.

/ © 2014 Bell Media All rights reserved/

NOTE: This video has been republished as a matter of significant public interest


 >>> In a court judgement "Hatfield vs. Artworld of Sherway" /Court File No. SC-09-087264-0000/ Judge Paul J. Martial stated the following about Mr. Joseph McLeod (1928-2017) of Maslak McLeod Gallery:

“He demonstrated a superior depth of knowledge of Morrisseau…” (Judgment by Judge Paul J Martial: March 25th, 2013 - Page 25)

“The testimony of Mr. Joseph McLeod is indicative of his care and the detailed effort to confirm provenance, including the hiring of a forensic expert to examine the signature on the back of the painting indicate that he took his role to provide appraisals seriously. His testimony… demonstrates his depth of knowledge of the painter due to his lengthy association with the artist.”
(Judgment by Judge Paul J Martial: March 25th, 2013 - Page 35)

"Mr. Robinson (of Kinsman Robinson Galleries) was qualified as an expert in the area of valuation and appraisal. His testimony however overlapped into the area of handwriting and included an analysis of syllabic and English handwriting, areas for which he was not qualified.
"He has no formal training as an expert witness in handwriting analysis and his evidence is rejected. (Judgment by Judge Paul J Martial: March 25th, 2013 - Page 37)

"Dr. Singla's forensic evidence is preferred in this regard and his finding that it is highly probable that the painting "Wheel of Life" was painted by Norval Morrisseau was supported by his detailed technical analysis of known signatures of' Norval Morrisseau. (Judgment by Judge Paul J Martial: March 25th, 2013 - Page 37)

"The Court finds that there is overwhelming evidence that Norval Morrisseau signed paintings in black brush paint.” (Judgment by Judge Paul J Martial: March 25th, 2013 - Page 34)


Note: "The Hatfield case was unique in that it represented the first time a Morrisseau authentication joust had proceeded through a complete trial – it required five hearings spanning about two and a half years and resulting in 750 pages of published evidence – and ended with a judicial ruling." ~ 'The Globe and Mail'


"In a stunning, and incredibly detailed and thoughtful ruling, Madam Justice Sanderson, totally backed up the landmark ruling of Deputy Judge Paul J Martial in the Hatfield v Child case, and dismissed entirely the Appeal of Jonathan Sommer for Ms. Hatfield. Madam Justice Sanderson supported entirely, the right of Judge Martial to dismiss in their entirety, the expertise, the expert reports, and the testimony of both Sommer’s witnesses, Donald Robinson of Toronto’s Kinsman Robinson Galleries and its outreach worker Ritchie Sinclair."


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