Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Action of Deception by KRG (Part I)

>>> NORVAL MORRISSEAU BLOG & Protecting the Legacy of Norval Morrisseau continues...

The following statement is from KRG's blog dated August, 10th, 2008. This proves their many years of deception which started with a 'National Post' article: "Morrisseau fakes alleged" dated May 18th, 2001 launched by Donald Robinson of the Kinsman Robinson Galleries in his efforts to corner the Norval Morrisseau Art Market through slander and smear campaigns:

"We created our blog, after Norval Morrisseau passed away, so that collectors and buyers alike could have access to reliable information and to present the truth about the proliferation of Morrisseau forgeries which have flooded the marketplace. KRG will continue to deal with everyone with absolute integrity. We will provide up-to-date and accurate information to the best of our knowledge and ability. We're committed to this mission."

~ click HERE to view screen capture of their statement from their blog genuinemorrisseau.blogspot.com (blog deleted on June 26, 2009 & reinstated on August 06, 2009 but this time open to invited readers only!?).

>>> The following are recently deleted posts from the KRG's blog.

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3. 'Christian Morrisseau recounts how his father signed false COAs' - originally posted 03/02/2009 (click HERE to view the original post with all pertaining comments )

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Notes for the post No. 3: These legally binding 'Certificates of Authenticity' were signed and thumbprinted by Norval Morrisseau as he personally handled and inspected the 'front and reverse' of these canvases for his identifying marks. Signing of the certificates were eyewitnessed during their presentation to Norval Morrisseau by Mr. William (Bill) Wallace, his sons Christian and Eugene Morrisseau, and at a later date attested by David Morrisseau as well.

Also, I quote a closing statement by lawyer Richard H.Baker (dated 01/09/2008 Re: Moniz v. CTV Globemedia Publishing Inc.) in his letter from the Norval Morrisseau Heritage Society /NMHS/ (click HERE): "The Society has no reason to believe that Mr. Morrisseau was at any time incompetent". -

As per Endnote No. 1 of this post (click HERE) it states that: "During this trip to Thunder Bay in 2002, Norval Morrisseau was not under the care of, nor was he advised by, KRG and Don Robinson or Gabe Vadas. Rather, he was acting of his own accord under the care of his relatives."

"If Norval Morrisseau was not at any time incompetent as per the above statement from the NMHS it is clear that the 'Cerificates of Authenticity' signed and thumbprinted by Norval Morrisseau are admissable in a Court of Law as valid proof of authenticity and provenance... CASE CLOSED".

Ugo Matulić a.k.a. Spirit Walker

* - Kinsman Robinson Galleries /Principal Morrisseau dealer - Representing Norval Morrisseau (1932-2007) and his artwork over the last twenty years./


Anonymous said...

First you accuse KRG of deleting blog entries, which you yourself do. Then you claim that the certifiates are "legally binding" even though Christian Morriseau stated on your blog that Norval said he did it for the money. Then you delete Christians comments.

And isn't is odd that your are there when Morrisseau signs these and isn't it odd that they are the disputed paintings.

Then when people chalenge you on this blog your don't post the comments.

The sole reason you defend these paintings is because you and your friends own dozens of them.

If you were honest about your goals you would post this and open up the discussion instead of hiding behind this forum. You are on the outside looking in. When the NMHS finally pusblishes and your paintings are nowhere to be found, you will them mount a campaige to discredit them.

To call you predictable is an understatement. You don't have Morrisseau's best interest at heart, you and your friends are hoping that if you scream loud enough that somehow it will make these paintings real.

Spirit Walker said...

I would love if someone challenges me with these certificates in a Court of Law. I can hardly wait...

... Also, I have never deleted any posts except those about Ritchie 'Stardreamer' Sinclair. He has taken advantage of my openness and good heartedness and made me believe that he is in "it" for the same sincere reasons that I am.

I was wrong by refusing to take warnings in regards to Stardreamer for the reasons that I am an individual who can only judge others based on my own experiences with them. I posted many articles about Ritchie Sinclair to promote this artist and his work.

He was successful in hiding behind a sheep's skin that made me believe that everything he does was honourable. I was wrong, but I cannot be accused for any wrongdoings and I do not need to alopoligize to anyone for my actions. My true intentions were honourable and Richie Sinclair a.k.a. Stardreamer took adavantage by deceiving me.

Someone posted very nice comment while ago on this blog:

"The real issue seems to be some sort of KRG* "hand out book" to customers and... I've glimpsed a slight hint here and there on the blog of some sort of conflict with Spiritwalker and KRG. I'm not interested in the nature of the conflict but I do know this. As long as these conflicts continue, and like most conflicts they are no doubt driven by fear, then Norval's worldwide reputation will suffer and his true greatness will never be given it's true and rightful stature. One of the ways that Indians have always been held down and kept in their place is through those who have always purported to be acting in our best interests. We know what that racist way of thinking does and what it is doing now. It is keeping Norval in his place! The contrary result of not acting in his best interest, or the Ojibwa for that matter, while claiming to be doing so is as old as the grass is long. I suggest very strongly that whatever issues require dialogue to resolve them, that, that process begin immediately.

This is in the best interests of Norval, the Ojibwa, KRG and for goodness sake hopefully stop the character assination and innuendo of a lone but honourable blogger. The bigger picture here is to let go of those things that are toxic and assess the issue(s) first with respect, love, fun, passion and spirit. All the things that Norval is and more. I think if there is genuine and sincere effort to this task that all will be well, (the players are hardly what I would refer to as bad people) and that everyone's initial intent to protect the interests of Norval's voice will in fact be manifested. Bring in some elders if you need, but please let Norval fly! It's time."

And speaking about Norval Morrisseau Heritage Society I am dissapointed that Norval Morrisseau Heritage Society is not honouring their mission statement which states:

"The Norval Morrisseau Heritage Society was established at the request of Norval Morrisseau to research, document and preserve his artistic achievement and protect the integrity of his art. It seeks to achieve this mission by establishing and maintaining a registry of his works, publishing and updating a catalogue raisonne of his artistic output and providing the necessary expertise to authenticate his art."

Why are they silent? Is their silence approval for what has been presented on Ritchie 'Stardreamer' Sinclair's www.morrisseau.com? If they truly care in "protecting the integrity of Norval Morrisseau's art" they would need to speak up. Their silence is hurting the legacy of the man they are supposed to protect and the longer they wait to publish a public statement regarding this matter presented herein, the longer the legacy of Norval Morrisseau will suffer.

Also, I do not beleive that NMHS will publish a catalogue raisonné any time soon and I do not beleive they will put their reputation on line for the likes of Donald Robinson and Gabor Vadas.

As a closing statement I would like to say that nobody upon Mother Earth can stop me from honouring Norval Morrisseau and protecting my investment the best way I could.

Meegwetch, SW

Anonymous said...

I would just like to make a comment to the Anonymous post on this topic. You say that Christian Morrisseau stated that it wasn't uncommon for Norval to sign letters of Authenticity even if they were not so he could gain a little money. If this is the case, what is to say that KRG's paintings or Gabes paintings are real? Maybe they too paid Norval to state they were real even if they are not! All Christian did was shoot himself and his family in the back with that comment. If that is the case, who knows which are real and which are not if the artist himself only cared about making money and not honouring his own works and legends. I cant believe Norval would ever sign a letter of Authenticity if something was not his. That just wouldn't make sense. At the time SW meet Norval and had these signed and autheniticated, Norval was financially well off. If he was not at that time, the only one at fault would be Don Robinson for not looking after his "CASH COW". Forgive the term, Norval was a true gentlemen, but afterall, without Norval , Don, nor Gabe would be where they are today!
Good luck with this battle SW, you are doing fine.

Antonio Lane

Anonymous said...

First, on the Coghlan website is the entry by Christian that was deleted from your blog for the sole reason that he was there and proved that Morrisseau did it for the money. When you say you have never deleted a posting other than Stardreamer, you are clearly not telling the truth.

Second, there is no need to take anybody to court. The only court that is going to count is the court of public opinion.

In the next couple of months a website is going to be published that shows real Morrisseau's beside these other paintings. People are going to have, for the first time, an opportunity to see for themselves side by side comparisons. If after viewing these painings people decide that your "70's" paintings are real, then they will have a long list of galleries, including yourself, who will be more than happy to sell to them.

Third, do you want the NHMS to release the catologue so that you are happy, or do you want them to take all the time they need to get it right? Do you realize who the people are who are on the committee? Do you realize the credentials they have? Do you realize they are doing this on their own time, for free? To say your disapointed is a pointless statement. How exactly has the NMHS not honored their mission statement as you declare. How exactly? It is highly unlikley that they are working on your time frame. "hey guys, Ugo wants us to hurry up because he is disappointed".

Forth, your arguments continue to include personal attacks and conspiracy theories, both of which are total red herrings. The paintings are real or they are not. It has nothing to do with Gabe or KRG or Stardreamer, or Coghlan or anybody else you care to discredit.

You obviously like Morrisseau, but to say that you know better then all these people who had on going relationships over many years is self serving.

And to Antonio who can't believe that Morrisseau would do it for the cash, you are unclear about how the real world works. You can romatacize Morrisseau as the great spirit etc etc, but if you ever knew the man, you would never have made that statement. I will say it again, the paintings themselves are the only truth. They and they alone tell the story. All this "he said, she said" b.s. does is muddy the water further. It will become common knowledge soon enough that Morrisseau himself helped to create some of the problems his market now faces.

If the only way you beleive that a painting is real is if it comes with a certificate or not, then you are sadly naive. Repeat after me "its the paintings" not the paper work.

And finally, look closely at the points I have made and if you care to, address them one by one. Sweeping statement about your love and admiration for all things Morrisseau does not address the points being made. Thats what politicians do.

The fact that you published my first posting as well as this one suggests you may yet come around.
There are five clear points here, please address them one by one.

Spirit Walker said...

To 'Anonymous': I did not publish you posting, I published your comment. There is difference with terms 'post' or 'posting' and 'comment' in the Blogosphere. When I wrote that I only deleted 'Stardreamer's postings I meant articles I wrote about him and his art. Due to his well known actions I did not have much choice than to delete his 'postings'. I definitely deleted many comments I found not appropriate, offensive and/or not truthful.

Regarding the other points I will address them in one of my future posts after I complete other important material I am preparing for this blog's presentation.

In the meantime I advise everyone to read all of the reference posts pertaining to deleted ones from KRG's blog where many answers could be found by each of you, including the answers on your questions Ms./Mr. 'Anonymous'.

If Ms./Mr. 'Anonymous' is really truthful with her/his intentions to come to the resolution of this controversy/conspiracy I am inviting her/him for conversation via 'Skype' (my user name is 'spiritwalker2008'). You have to admit Ms./Mr. 'Anonymous' that you know who I am but I do not know who you are. Are you really serious with your intentions??? If you are... let's talk!

Meegwetch, SW

Anonymous said...

I think this whole thing could have been and should have been addressed right from the beginning with Randy Potter filing a lawsuit against Don Robinson of Kinsman Robinson Galleries for posting a defamatory newspaper article back on May 18th 2001 with the National Post Newspaper by Don Robinson of Kinsman Robinson Galleries. Because you descided to do nothing Mr.Potter you just might have sealed Norval Morrisseau's fate onto the trash heap of history?
Put your money where your mouth is folks and sue Spirit Walker and prove him wrong in a court of law.
With all of this addmissable evidence that this single blogger has...you will surely lose.

Anonymous said...

Am I to believe that Don Robinson submitted 28 paintings that he purchased from kahns auction house in Pickering Ontario with Randy Potter presciding as the auctioneer back in 1999 and 2000 for research puposes?
What the hell do you have to say about that NMHS?

Anonymous said...

I would like to address the Anonymous writer that does not have the balls to write their name on this forum. My name is Antonio Lane, and I knew Norval very well thank you. My point being in my last posting was simply this, if Norval would take money to approve a painting just for the sake of making a few extra bucks, who's to say that any of the KRG paintings are real? Or anyone elses for that matter. The truth is in the execution of the painting. Nothing more. Nothing less. Art is one of those controversial things that is arguable all the time. That's the beauty of art.
Let's be honest. Norval was homeless alot of the time and was a drifter who used very harch drugs and alcohol for alot of his life. Someone that was just looking for their next fix isn't going to remember what they did or didn't do half the time. I can tell you that Spririt Walker is a grat human being and is a welcome individual to the Morrisseau world.
I don't think there will ever be a stop to this argument about which is real and which is not. I would say, trust your own instincts and study the paintings in National museums and collections.
This blog is an excellent source for information that is very factual.
I would like to give my best wishes to all that view this site with no anger or ill will in their hearts.
My best to all,

Antonio Lane
Morrisseau collector for 30 years

Anonymous said...

Well, there are a lot of interesting and intelligent views being aired. Really interesting reading for a person that has picked up a few Morrisseau, Ray and Chee Chee paintings over the years. I'm not concerned about the controversy affecting the Morriseeau art market. It will however make the collectors more wary about the authenticity of the paintings they plan to buy and give them a stronger bargaining position. So please continue with your conflicting views and try not to downgrade the major players in this interesting debate. I am a great admirer of those that help the artists from his early days like the silent ones in Ontario'd Department of Education, former Indian Affairs Branch, the Vadas family, commercial and government art galleries, and the blogs that have kept Morrisseau and other native artists in the public eye. There are some blogs that have taken this issue too seriously and vented their anger in the wrong way by attacking other blogs with vicious words. That's normal behaviour for some who may have found life a frustrating experience and are venting this through the blogs. So, all in all, the various views and how these are expressed are basically good and the artists mentioned will gain in statue and reputation. Keep up the good work SW, KRG and come back Raven, Sinclair and any other blog masters that fled the scene through disappointed with the way the disagreements were developing. As a certain Hollywood gentleman would say,(continue) and "make my day!"

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed at the paper trail SW presented relating to fake and other allegations that appear to have started the current blog feud. Without wading through all the items presented, I would like to know who started this situation and if there is any hope of the feuding blogs reaching a common ground. I don't know if I totally agree with all the remarks of the last anonymous, but he made some good points about now being the time to bargain for Morrisseau art. It would be good if all Morrisseau blog masters would bury the hatchet, but not in each others skull. I was also surprised to note in the last anonymous posting that Morrisseau was recognised and helped by various government departments during his early days. I was under the impression he was discovered by Jack Pollock. Maybe I missed something in your earlier blogs.