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The Norval Morrisseau Collection

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About the Artist:

Born in Fort William, Ontario (now Thunder Bay) on March 14, 1931... into the Ojibway Nation, Norval Morrisseau became a legend in his own time... founder of the Woodland School of Art... presented the Order of Canada in 1978... honourary doctorates from McGill and McMaster Universities... major exihibitions in Canada, United States, Germany, and France... he has been called “the Picasso of First Nations artists”.

Norval Morriseau's colourful figurative images are delineated with heavy black lines and X-Ray images. His work is signed with the syllabic spelling of “Copper Thunderbird”, the name bestowed upon Norval, the first grandchild, by his Ojibway grandfather.

This collection of canvas giclées represents in part, a body of his work, acquired directly from the artist during the 1980’s, when Norval resided on the West Coast of Canada.

Bonnie Edwards Kagna MacFarlane
Collector and Author


SOURCE: www.londongalleries.ca

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* The acrylic paintings in this collection © 1988 Bonnie Edwards Kagna MacFarlane. PROVENANCE: All paintings acquired directly from the artist in 1987. Image Copyright in accordance with an agreement with Norval Morrisseau, June 11, 1988.
igned by Norval Morrisseau; witnessed by Gabor M. Vadas/

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