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Refuting the defamation of character by Ritchie Sinclair a.k.a. Stardreamer (Part I)

~ This post was originally published on November 11th, 2011


Robert F. Lavack (b. 1920)

>>> The following is an e-mail sent to the Blog Master in reference to Ritchie Sinclair's defamation of Mr. Robert F. Lavack's character:

"Dear Spirit Walker, -I would like to use your blog as a platform to counter the defamation Richie Sinclair directed against me in his blog. From what was indicated, I presume he posted a number of my articles on his blog without asking permission. He likely lifted these from your blog. I recall you asking my permission to post any my articles you used. The majority of my 'Morrisseau Papers' were garnered during the early 1960s to early 1970s when I was employed by the Ontario Department of Education ... a period of approximately 10-years. Reading what I wrote about Morrisseau during that time portrays him as an amusing but administrative nightmare for anyone arranging schedules that utilised basic timetables. But to read Sinclair's blog and observe his use of misinformation, innuendo and slander tells quite a different story. One can only surmise that his spectrum of understanding is dominated by a jealous and disturbed personality.

I don't agree with everything you print in your blog, and I've never hesitated to post my comments, or contact you, about our differences of opinion. But there has never been any animosity in our disagreements. I don't follow the Morrisseau blogs on a regular basis so often miss items like Sinclair's slander. I jokingly tell my friends I'm racing against the man with the scythe to complete a number of projects before I step off this world. I read your blog the most because it gives me a better understanding of Morrisseau beyond the 10-year period I knew him. Although you and I have never met, I envisage you as a brilliant eccentric because of your excellent research technique and intense devotion to the Morrisseau cause.

Thanks for bringing my attention to the recent misinformation, innuendos and slander Sinclair directed towards me. Why he chose my military service during WWII, the inference that I 'fled' Canada in the 1970s and a printing error in Hazel Fulford's book 'The Morrisseau Papers', plus some other items that weren't related to Morrisseau, is beyond my comprehension. I suppose he was desperate to find a foil to use against you and he assumed I was a doddering old 'patsy' that wouldn't respond.

When I read what Sinclair had written about me, I emailed Michelle Vadas to inquire why I was being slandered. She contacted Sinclair and he emailed me an apology with a list of weak concerns to justify his slander. I emailed a reply addressing his 'concerns' and asked him to post a suitable apology on his blog. He then removed his slander and innuendos when he found I was hale and hearty enough at 90 years of age to responded to his insidious personal attack. But he didn't post my requested apology on his blog. In fact, he is still using my name as a foil to attack you or, or I suppose, anyone who disagrees with his views about Morrisseau.

Since I have no blog of my own, nor the wish or expertise to create one, the use of your blog as a platform to post a rebuttal against Sinclair's machinations is my only immediate route. Since he launched his blog attack to discredit me through using an erroneous net article about my armed service during WWII an immediate response to his libellous rantings is necessary. I promise not to bore you or any reader with an old man's tales. And I will minimise my discourse further by using copies of official RAF and other documentation required to make my case against Sinclair allegations.

I have no objections to Sinclair's opinions about my humorous Morrisseau remarks. He has a right to voice his opinions about these. But I note that he doesn't hesitate to crib some of my articles posted in your blog to use on his. Typical examples: The remarks I made about the 'Dance of the Weasels' painting and a humorous statement from a letter I sent to Morrisseau indicating that he was one of the reasons I fled Canada. Sinclair laced this latter statement with 'criminal' innuendo as if I were fleeing the law.

Since I plan to initiate legal action against Sinclair, I would like my rebuttal to be based strictly on facts and official documentation. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


Robert Lavack"

~ Click HERE to view this communication between Mr. Robert F. Lavack and Blog Master (dated November 10th, 2010).

BLOG MASTER'S NOTES: This defamation of character by Ritchie R. Sinclair a.k.a. Stardreamer, who claims to be a "Chosen Protégé of Norval Morrisseau", was published on October 28th, 2010 in post titled ”Nanabajou in Frog Skin connected with the Worlds flood (1968) Norval Morrisseau and the David Voss Letters (2001-2008)” (click HERE for "Google's cache" ) which since has been modified with all comments pertaining to Mr. Robert F. Lavack deleted.

~ Click HERE for this deceitful innuendo's screen capture which has been since deleted by Ritchie R. Sinclair from his blog shortly after Mr. Lavack’s comment took place. Click HERE & HERE for BEFORE & AFTER screen captures of this post Ritchie R. Sinclair used for character defamation of Mr. Robert F. Lavack. Also, click HERE to view the number of posts from this blog (used without permission) involving Mr. Lavack which Ritchie R. Sinclair used without permission on his website for purposes of slandering Mr. Lavack's credibility.-

Below presented is correspondence between Mr. Robert F. Lavack and Ritchie R. Sinclair a.k.a. Stardreamer
/dated November 1st to November 4th, 2010/:-


The Morrisseau Papers, © Hazel Fulford,
published by Perdida Press in Thunder Bay in 2007
/Click on image for more information/

>>> The following is a letter of appology which Ritchie R. Sinclair e-mailed to Mr Lavack on the same day Mr. Robert F. Lavack posted the comment on this blog complaining about Ritchie R. Sinclair's behaviour (click HERE):

"Dear Mr. Lavack-My apologies if I caused you concern with my questions and opinions on my website. I have removed the portion of the recent article that concerns you in anticipation of you acting on my concerns.-My interest is in protecting the integrity of my mentor's art. Unfortunately, this led me to questioning your integrity. I have scrutinized your assertions. I would have said little or nothing about the postage stamp issue or your Morrisseau Papers had you employed the foresight to not interject yourself into the forgery controversy by publicly offering to buy a fake at the right price. Since you published this insult to Norval on Ugo Matulic's defamatory blog your statements have moved their forgery authenticity pretense forward.

As someone who painted with Norval over the course of two decades, I know what he paints like, drunk or sober. Its always great art. I have copies of the paper works that he infamously created and gave away for booze while binging on the streets of Vancouver. They are each perfect works of art - displaying a sense of composition that is unmistakable.-

Were you simply mistaken in authenticating "Dance of the Weasels" publicly? If so, I offer you my forum for a retraction of your statements. Did you ever sell a painting like "Dance of the Weasels" for Norval?. Do you have picture of anything Norval did or any publication where any of the more than 1000 counterfeits I display on appear?

How important is your legacy to you? Norval Morrisseau's legacy is core curriculum in this country. Children in grade 5 and 6 are taught about Norval Morrisseau. I have taught thousands of children about Morrisseau and Woodland art. The dilution of his legacy is directly related to the thousands of forged paintings that purport to be Morrisseaus. Ugo Matulic for example, apparently owns 500 or more purported Morrisseau paintings. How is that possible?

Here are the questions that need answering Mr. Lavack

1. With reference to Your multiple letters to Norval appear to me to be an evolving concoction sprinkled with truth. Norval has no part in the letters except to be the deceased recipient - yet you kept expanding, editing and republishing.. You played the devil to get Norval to psychologically bend to your will and you take credit for his entire career on the basis of your role. I find nothing cute or funny about it Why did you write this version of history that nobody including Norval can now verify? Do you want credit for his art career?

2. You had nothing whatsoever to do with the Postage Stamp project - yet you take credit for it. Why?

3. I've read the WW2 military websites that involve you. It appears that you have been confused with another WW2 vet that was also born in Vancouver in 1920, named Robert Frank Lavack, who was a hero and received a DFM and died in battle in 1943. Did you receive a DFM too?

4. I understand that Gabe and Norval didn't want you to publish his book, right? You did anyhow. The book does nothing good for Norval that I can see. Why did you publish an unauthorized biography about Norval when he asked you not to?

Whatever your story is Mr. Lavack, I hope you understand that my intent is simply to protect my mentor's legacy. I'd hope that your son would do the same for your legacy were someone to co-opt it for their own mis-use against your will.. I have no vendetta against anyone, including yourself. I respect that you have lived long and well and had real adventures worth sharing. I wish you a healthy and happy 90th year.-Trusting I will hear from you shortly,

Ritchie Sinclair
Chosen Protege of Norval Morrisseau
Leader of the Thunderbird School of Shamanistic Arts"

~ Click HERE to view this communication between Ritchie R. Sinclair and Mr. Robert F. Lavack (dated November 1st, 2010).

RAF Molesworth, Huntington, England, 1945
~ RAF & RN Meteor Jet Conversion Course,
--/Robert F. Lavack - first from right/

>>> The following is Mr. Robert F. Lavack's reply to Ritchie R. Sinclair e-mail appology:

"Dear Mr Sinclair,

I am naturally annoyed with your innuendos and general statements about my Morrisseau involvement, also the erroneous statements about my military background. It will take a few days for me to cool down so I can reply with candour to the points you noted in your email. Norval was an administrative headache but a friend. I did everything I could to help him and his family during the decade I knew and worked with him. As to the military side, I am the Robert Frank (Francis, Kurt) Lavack that is was noted erroneously KIA on the net.

Robert Lavack"

~ Click HERE to view this communication between Mr. Robert F. Lavack and Ritchie R. Sinclair (dated November 2nd, 2010).-


"Dance of the Weasels", 25"x22", © 1976 Norval Morrisseau
-->>> The following is Ritchie R. Sinclair's reply to the above e-mail:

"Thank You for responding to my letter Mr. Lavack. I anticipate a positive result to our correspondence. Erroneous information of such significance must be properly and publicly addressed. The internet is the evolving library of future generations. Others will be confused if nothing is done to clarify errors. Don't you agree?

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and addressing my concern about your public authentications.

Best regards,
Ritchie Sinclair"

~ Click HERE to view this communication between Ritchie R. Sinclair and Mr. Robert F. Lavack (dated November 3rd, 2010).


No. 37 Squadron RAF [Air Crew], Foggia, Italy – October, 27th, 1944/Robert F. Lavack, middle row – holding a dog/

~ click HERE for inscription on the reverse side of the photograph; click HERE & HERE to read online information about Robert F. Lavack's No. 37 Squadron RAF Operations.

>>> The following is Mr. Robert F. Lavack's demand for Ritchie R. Sinclair's full apology on his blog to rectify the misinformation he printed about Mr. Lavack:

"Mr Sinclair,-I don't understand the reasoning used to justify the slander your blog directed towards me. If I give an opinion about a painting I liked and stated it doesn't matter if it is an original or a forgery, that is my value judgement and not yours. How this led to the blatant slander/distortion of my military service during WWII doesn't follow a pattern of rational thought. Using the 'Dance of the Weasels' prattle and a typographic error in Hazel Fulford's book to justify such slander is even more puzzling. Let's go through your concerns.

Norval initially started the Devil vs his Thunder God fantasy, or whatever deity he had, when I bailed him out of jail in Sault Ste Marie. I suppose this was done to dampen my displeasure for having to drive several hundred miles to do this. It's all documented in my art circuit files. We continued with this fantasy over the years. I repeated this in a humorous Christmas letter to him when I returned to Canada for a visit. Your assertions that I am trying to take credit for his art career is another distortion. You of all people should look inwards to see who is doing that. I would give credit to Paul Bennet, Jack Pollock, Bud Thomas, Sheila Burnford and the Ontario Department of Education for a start. I left the 'influence' scene of Norval's development in 1972-73. After that other artists, art galleries and the media continued to advanced his recognition.

As is your assertion about the Morrisseau postage stamp. I never claimed the responsibility for this. I did write the original letter that floated the idea with the backing of several MP's and a number of important academics. This planted the seed within the Canadian Postal Services and a file was likely opened to contain the flow of correspondence that followed. With the idea floated by a strong team over the years, the project was finalised. All the letters about my dearly involvement are on file.

As to my WWII military history and the KIA (Killed in Action) information you gleaned from the web and avidly distorted, I was first made aware of my being deceased in 1943 by a niece who came across a notation about this in a Canadian Air Force museum. I clarified this with RAF HQ since I had enlisted in the RAF (not the RCAF) early in WWII after the British merchant ship in which I serving as an AB was sunk by a U-boat. RAF HQ sent me a 3-page copy of my RAF service records. These do not indicate that a person with my name and RAF service number was KIA and buried in Tunisia. RAF HQ double checked with the War Graves Commission and they didn't have aperson with my name listed as being buried in Tunisia. These are official sources and the web is not.

I don't quite understand your question about Gabe and Norval not wanting me to publish a book. You must be referring to Hazel Fulford's book, 'The Morrisseau Papers'. I provided a pertinent series of letters to Hazel and proofread a few chapters of her book when she was formulating the outline. She wanted to include some Morrisseau paintings in her book and sought copyright permission from Gabe for this. This didn't happen because I didn't approve the trade off suggested by Hazel that I hand over the original Morrisseau Papers for this right. I wasn't advised that I was named as a co-author and listed as a bomber pilot in WWI. I would have rejected the co-author honour and corrected the WWI error had I been given the opportunity to proofread the book before it was sent to the printers.

I can imagine your not grasping the humorous comment I injected in a Christmas letter to Norval about my fleeing from Canada after a Big Trout Lake incident. That was when Norval slipped of the aircraft's floats into the lake. But to use the word 'fled' in a detrimental manner was again insidious. I was offered a position with the UN to assist in solving the Ethiopian Smallpox Eradication Programme transportation problem during the early 1970's. I spent nearly 4-years there in what was a hostile guerilla & Ethiopian Army combat period. I had one helicopter I was flying blown up by hostile elements and another one destroyed on the ground. These and other activities were recognised by an UN award.

I can only come to the conclusion that you are a mixed up and disorganised individual who wishes to lash out at anyone that goes against your egotistic personality. I expect you to publish a full apology on your blog to rectify the misinformation you printed and later withdrew. The stigma of this, like any slander, doesn't fade away like yesterday's news. I have copies of your libellous statement on file taken before your removed this from your blog. I am loth to take legal action for slander against you because that would be time consuming and interfere with my writing hobby and related research work. But I would seriously consider doing so if you don't print a full retraction on your blog.

Robert Lavack"

~ Click HERE to view this communication between Mr. Robert F. Lavack and Ritchie R. Sinclair (dated November 4th, 2010).

>>> The following are the documents from Mr. Robert F. Lavack's archives pertaining to the material presented above:

1) Mr. Robert F. Lavack's KIA (Killed in Action) misinformation from the Canadian Air Force Museum,
-2) Communication between Mr. Robert F. Lavack and Royal Air Force (RAF) Headquarters Air Command regarding the misinformation about his KIA records found in the Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum in Brandon, Manitoba and on the internet - including RAF Headquarters Air Command confirmation of this misinformation about Mr. Robert F. Lavack,
-3) Minister of Veterans Affairs of Canada thanking Mr. Robert F. Lavack for his contribution as the Mechant Navy Veteran (MNV),
-4) Newspaper article displaying an account of Mr. Robert F. Lavack being blown up by hostile elements in the Choke Mountains of Ethiopia after he purportedly 'fled' Canada while working for the World Health Organization (WHO) anti-smallpox program,-
5) A letter to the Ethiopian Provisional Military Government, Ministry of Health, Smallpox Eradication Program explaining Mr. Robert F. Lavack’s incident when helicopter destroyed while on the ground,
-6) A thank you note to Mr. Robert F. Lavack from the British Ambassador in Ethiopia for rescuing a wounded British nurse with other wounded from a Save the Childrens Convoy that were under attack by a guerilla group when they were evacuating the the war zone on the Ethiopian-Somalia border &
-7) Mr. Robert F. Lavack's 'Order Of Bifurcated Needle' while working for WHO; Awarded by UN in Geneva, Switzerland in 1976.-

~ Documents provided by Mr. Robert F. Lavack
/Compiled & edited by Ugo Matulić a.k.a. Spirit Walker/

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