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Refuting the defamation of character by Ritchie Sinclair a.k.a. Stardreamer (Part II)

~ This post was originally published on December 3rd, 2010
  The Conclusion

Robert F. Lavack (b. 1920)

>>> The following is Ritchie R. Sinclair's response to the post Refuting the defamation of character by Ritchie Sinclair a.k.a. Stardreamer (Part I), e-mailed to Mr. Robert F. Lavack and Blog Master concurrently:-

My concerns about your defamatory comments...-

"November 22 2010
Sent from Toronto, Canada

Mr. Lavack and Mr. Matulic,

The two of you have published plain and obvious defamatory comments about me on the specifically on the pages published on Thursday, November 11, 2010 and a comment by you published at on 01 November, 2010 18:29
-Mr. Matulic well knows what motivates him to libel me since October 2008 therefore take this note as a cease and desist notice sent specifically to yourself, Mr. Lavack.

I asked you significant and precise questions that weren't answered by you, but were instead deflected with other stories you appear to want to speak of, and defamation. You personally appear to have passed my correspondence to you on to Mr. Matulic, with your directions that he publish my letters (and your response letters) on the internet. Furthermore, you saw fit to have Matulic publish your personal dispersions and assessments of personality disorders that you attribute to me.

You also state that you are suing me. The legitimate questions I asked, that apparently have been asked by others before me, including your niece, require answers. If anything you have only raised more questions by your actions. To date I have received no correspondence from your legal representatives. Though you appear to be a Canadian citizen living in Czechoslovakia I too am looking into my options to suing you for defamation, and to that end have a meeting with legal counsel tomorrow.

Accordingly, I expect to see the defamatory material you have had published against me removed immediately from the website you used to defame me, and any other websites the defamation you wrote about me now appears on, or I will certainly act to protect my interests and name.

Ritchie Sinclair"

~ Click HERE to view this communication between Ritchie R Sinclair and Mr. Robert F. Lavack @ Blog Master (dated November 22nd, 2010).


"Dance of the Weasels", 25"x22", © 1976 Norval Morrisseau

>>> The following is Mr. Robert F. Lavack's answer to Ritchie R. Sinclair's "My concerns about your defamatory comments...":

Defamatory comments ?

"Ritchie Sinclair,

Thank you for the amusing email of Nov 22. You appear have some disillusions about my Morrisseau Blog involvement. This should be clarified. Also, who the guilty party really is in initiating the defamatory remarks. It's all been noted by screen captures before you erased these from your blog. So let's get things straight.

I have never, as you stated, been involved with any Morrisseau blogs other than providing material I have in my 'Morrisseau Papers' file. Some of this information is of interest to researchers, authors and recently collectors. My recent use of the Spirit Walker (SW) blog was forced upon me by your malicious statements about my WW2 military service. Not to forget your innuendos about my leaving Canada in the early 1970s that inferred a 'criminal' element. The UN would love that! To counter this I sought and was given permission by SW aka Ugo Matulic to use his blog to defend myself against your uncalled for and vicious slander.

From your erratic behaviour you appear to be an individual that seeks recognition by demeaning other people who don't share your opinions. Or perhaps who seem to pose imagined threats to your 'expertise'. A typical example is the 'Dance of the Weasels' painting. You fantasise that I implied the painting was an authentic Morrisseau because I posted a statement on the SW blog that I liked it. Also that it didn't matter to me if it was an authentic Morrisseau or not. I stated this clearly with no inference either way. But you twisted this into one of implied provenance. I am still trying to buy the painting because it is humorous and beautiful. Your 'expertise' has now turned the painting into a high priced item that may in time turn it into Norval Morrisseau's Van Gogh's Sun Flowers with the loss of an ear legend. My latest generous offer for this painting was declined, so perhaps that will give you some comfort.

To ensure your fantasies don't go further astray, my contact with SW stems primarily from my interest in his computer research methods. These I find brilliant. I adopted some of his techniques for my own projects that are not related to Morrisseau art. My interested in the SW blog started when I read a racist posting on another blog that stated, 'Will the Real Spirit Walker Please Stand Up'. I expected some sort of praise for SW as a blog master. But I was shocked by the downgrading remarks and innuendos, similar to the ones you use, that were posted. It made me wonder why someone would attack a Croatian immigrant in such a demeaning manner. Did a Croatian ethnic background make it taboo for him to be interested in the North American Indian culture and art? I was so shamed as a Canadian that I contacted SW aka Ugo Matulic to apologise as a Canadian for this racist slight. I hope the Governor Generals Office & other political entities also apologised.

This led to further contacts with SW and my writer's interest made me wonder how he became interested in North American Indian culture and their art. This turned out to be an interesting story that I would never share with you as it would likely be defamed in your usual manner. It has found a place in my files and perhaps used by researching art historians in the future. My interest in the SW and other Morrisseau blogs will remain at the observer level and not that of the blog master with which you credit me. Spirit Walker and I don't agree on all aspects discussed on the Morrisseau blogs. For example, I have a high regard for Gabor and Michele Vadas' and their long term and ignored sacrifice to rehabilitate Norval Morrisseau. That alone extended his creative life span for 20 years and was no easy chore. It is worth noting that SW supports my views on this but his strong ethics doesn't allow him to accept Gabor's opinion relating to numerous paintings that Gabor has labeled as fakes and SW considers authentic. Our opinions also differ somewhat in relation to other blog masters whom I hold in high regard.

I also don't understand your convoluted explanation of how the KIA information found by my niece can be used as an excuse for posting the defamation about my WW2 RAF service. She at least questioned the validity of the KIA museum records, whereas you thought you had hit the jackpot when you read a similar KIA report on the web. You seized this gem of misinformation as a foil to attack SW and my credibility. A rather sneaky thing to do because you never expected I would read your blog. Fortunately Spirit Walker informed me and I was able to counter your intended deceit. Now you are trying to justify your despicable actions by indicating I'm a partner in the Spirit Walker blog . Using the SW blog was the only timely and available way for me to counter your insidious defamation.

You latest email continues to carry innuendos like, "Though you appear to be a Canadian citizen living in the Czechoslovakia" ... really insidious! So let's at least get that correct or you may start another "Will the Real Robert Lavack Please Stand Up". I am a Canadian citizen and currently live in both Sweden and the Czech Republic. I was considering legal action against you but was advised by legal friends that libel is a timely and costly process that can seldom be justified. I passed this information on to the Gabe and Michele Vadas because communicating with a person like you is distasteful and a waste of time. So please start your legal action as I would love to become the defendant and expose you in court. You should also stop linking me with Ugo Matulic as a 'blog partner' because I don't have his expertise in that field and would only be a burden. I also don't take sides unless a person like you attacks me for some unknown reason. I am proud to be classified as Ugo Matulic's friend but haven't the time to be on his blog team. I hope to meet him someday as I classify him as a brilliant eccentric. Rare individuals that advance science, arts and civilisation in general. Whereas people like you soil the fabric of a great society like Canada.

Robert Lavack"

~ Click HERE to view this communication between Mr. Robert F. Lavack and Ritchie R. Sinclair (dated November 24th, 2010).

BLOG MASTER'S NOTES: This defamation of character by Ritchie R. Sinclair a.k.a. Stardreamer, who claims to be a "Chosen Protégé of Norval Morrisseau", was published on October 28th, 2010 in post titled ”Nanabajou in Frog Skin connected with the Worlds flood (1968) Norval Morrisseau and the David Voss Letters (2001-2008)” (click HERE for "Google's cache" ) which since has been modified with all comments pertaining to Mr. Robert F. Lavack deleted.

~ Click HERE for this deceitful innuendo's screen capture which has been since deleted by Ritchie R. Sinclair from his blog shortly after Mr. Lavack’s comment took place. Click HERE & HERE for BEFORE & AFTER screen captures of this post Ritchie R. Sinclair used for character defamation of Mr. Robert F. Lavack. Also, click HERE to view the number of posts from this blog (used without permission) involving Mr. Lavack which Ritchie R. Sinclair used without permission on his website for purposes of slandering Mr. Lavack's credibility.-

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