Friday, January 30, 2015

GALLERY STRATFORD's EXHIBITION: "Dancing In The Dark" Permanent Collection Works From the 1980s

"Selfie with Norval Morrisseau" by Aidan Ware*

Dancing in the Dark: Permanent Collection Works From the 1980s

January 13 - April 05

Opening Reception:

Sunday, January 25, 1-3pm | Free

Dancing in the Dark presents works completed by artists during the 1980s from Gallery Stratford's permanent collection.

The exhibition hints at the broader socio-economic tensions stemming from the political situations of the time including the Cold War, the impetus towards new industrialized economies, a global recession, and profound changes in technology and communications including the advent of the Internet (World Wide Web).

Artistically, the decade was marked by diverse artistic practices and the arrival of postmodernism - defined by certain stylistic elements that include collage, simplification, appropriation, and assimilation of past styles and themes into new contexts, as well as the breakdown of barriers between "high" art and popular culture.

This exhibition includes works by: William Ronald, Norval Morrisseau, Paul Hunter, Carol Martyn, Otis Tamasauskas, Jan Winton, Richard Pottruff, Rick McCarthy, Stephen Livick. Jan Menses, and Tom Hodgson. 

* - Executive Director & Curator, Gallery Stratford. Writer, editor, photographer, passionate advocate of culture, creativity, imagination, and innovation.

Source: Gallery Stratford


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