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Norval Morrisseau Blog Celebrates Mr. John Goldi's 50 Years as an Investigative Journalist: 1965-2015


~ “CSC” – Canada’s highest honour for a director of cinematography – “for outstanding achievement in the art of cinematography” by the Canadian Society of Cinematographers, the professional organization of Canada’s film and television cinematographers.

The following copyrighted section is an excerpt taken from, “,” and used with permission from the author John Goldi.

As a professional historian for 46 years, a longtime Canadian art collector, the Director of Research, and the Acquisitions Curator, of a Canadian museum collection of over 4,500 antique paintings, material memorabilia, and historical commemoratives, the story of the Morrisseau forgeries aroused our interest.

As a longtime, leading Canadian visual artist – as a top Canadian cinematographer, and film and television editor, for over 34 years – exploring and evaluating visual media of all kinds has been, not only a professional preoccupation for decades, but a personal passion for over sixty years, since I was given my first camera in 1953

 I have made sleuthing out frauds, fakes, and forgeries, and the kinds of people who deal in them, a specialty of mine, and have published many academically analytical and sumptuously illustrated articles on topics dealing with: fake combat photographs, fake military bugles, fake bronze art sculptures, fake history book illustrations, etc., and on authenticating antique paintings, and historic memorabilia items made of ceramics, wood, metal, parian, plaster, fabrics, and leather, and other materials.

After having spent years of documentary, and “on the ground” research, on the so-called Morrisseau “forgeries,” speaking with dozens of the main parties involved, and spending more time in court – by far – than anyone else has, listening to the contesting sides in the dispute, telling “their side” to various perplexed judges, we can safely announce that the whole story about the “Morrisseau forgeries” is a total and absolute hoax…

And that the very few people who have collaborated to perpetuate it, will never recover their reputations, in this world, or the next…

And we can shout “HOAX” without the slightest fear of contradiction, from anyone, in this world, or the next…

ALL the science and ALL the independent experts are in full agreement on which paintings are authentic. And are at total odds with the tiny handful, of self-serving naysayers.

This blog will publish our research and proof that the story of the Morrisseau forgeries is, in fact, nothing, if not THE GREATEST CANADIAN HOAX OF ALL TIME

Excerpt from Article by John Goldi, copyright 2014.

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