Friday, January 16, 2015

Robert Amos about Norval Morrisseau

"Norval Wife & Norval Man", © Mary Kerr
/The costumes designed for the National Arts Centre presentation of "Copper Thunderbird"/


"Morrisseau painted the stories of his people with simple colours, laid down just as they came from the tube. But in an extraordinary way - more than Inuit or West Coast native prints - his images radiate energy. Victoria’s own Mary Kerr designed a stage show (musical? drama? multimedia?) about his life for the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, and the National Gallery there put on the huge retrospective for Morrisseau while he was still alive."

Robert Amos - born in Belleville, Ont., in 1950. Since graduating from York University in Toronto, Amos has pursued a career in the arts. He was assistant to the director of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria (1975-1980) and is art writer for the Times Colonist, which has published his weekly column since 1986. He is a full-time professional artist.

Source (text): Robert Amos: "Art seeks roots of a higher power"

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