Friday, January 30, 2015

Norval Morrisseau Blog Celebrates First Nations University of Canada


The mission of the First Nations University of Canada is to enhance the quality of life, and to preserve, protect and interpret the history, language, culture and artistic heritage of First Nations.

The First Nations University of Canada will acquire and expand its base of knowledge and understanding in the best interests of First Nations and for the benefit of society by providing opportunities of quality bi-lingual and bi-cultural education under the mandate and control of the First Nations of Saskatchewan.

The First Nations University of Canada is a First Nations’ controlled university-college which provides educational opportunities to both First Nations and non-First Nations university students selected from a provincial, national and international base.

First Nations University of Canada courses, programs, and instructors are accredited by the University of Regina, and all University of Regina classes are open to FNUniv students. We offer academic programming through our Department of Indigenous Languages, Arts and Cultures; Department of Indigenous Education, Health and Social Work; and, Department of Indigenous Science, The Environment and Economic Development.

Source: First Nations University of Canada


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