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Kevin Hearn Vs. Joseph B. McLeod and Maslak McLeod Gallery Inc.
/Court File No. CV-12-455650/
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The Final Chapter in a Hate Crime

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Susan Murar said...

The Canadian artist Murar, who sculpted the first three-dimensional and monumental portrait of Norval Morrisseau after his death - a two year project of research and studio work - and completed in 2009 SEE: Morrisseau Portrait = SPECIAL EDITION - moving her studio at the end of July.....and the ORIGINAL MORRISSEAU PORTRAIT - WILL BE DESTROYED. This portrait and 5 others that "honour" Morrisseau's life and oeuvre, will have to undergo the mould making process = taking impressions of them - because the originals are too large to move through the artist's studio doors......that means that no one in any cultural institution in Canada of any standing will EVER see the original portrait - in its original clay - in the artist's studio - no one in Canada has come forward to try to "protect" the portrait, or to offer to cast it into bronze (($80,000), or to offer it a permanent home. The MOULD of the portrait will have a SHORT LIFESPAN - it is made out of rubber and plaster (in many pieces) and the shrinkage of the rubber and plaster will happen over a short period of a year....if the mould shrinks (which it certainly will) there will be NO Morrisseau portrait that will exist for present generations and future generations EVER- except in photographs and videos. No one will EVER go to a museum or major gallery and SEE this magnificent portrait that "honours" Morrisseau - 8' x 8' in size with medicine stick. If anyone in the arts community cares about this, they could organize a GO FUND ME on the internet - or connect with a collector who has a vested interest in Morrisseau, to raise he $80,000 needed to cast it into bronze - bronze does not have a short lifespan - will last forever, THE PROFESSIONAL MOULD MAKER IS GOING TO DO THE WORK, IN THE STUDIO OF SCULPTOR MURAR- BEGINNING ON JUNE 25, 2018....SO ANY HELP THAT CAN BE GIVEN HAS TO DONE BEFORE JUNE 25. Thank you, Susan Murar, "The Morrisseau Project" an ongoing project to honour Norval Morrisseau with monumental works of art, including his portrait. Susan Murar, cum laude BA, MFA, AOCAD has represented Canada in juried international exhibitions in Finland, Sweden, England, Italy, across the U.S., and Canada and has sculptures purchased for major cultural institutions in Canada including the Government of Canada. Library and Archives, Gatineau, Quebec....Stratford Shakespeare Festival....Home Children Canada....University of Calgary, MacKimmie Library, Special Collections, and has won heritage recognition in Stratford- the James Anderson Heritage Award/York Street, Creative Citizenry Award, City of Stratford Award (further study in England). The sculptor is now 76 years in age.