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Norval Morrisseau biological Family's support to the late Mr. Joseph McLeod (1928-2017)

Kevin Hearn Vs. Joseph B. McLeod and Maslak McLeod Gallery Inc.
/Court File No. CV-12-455650/
Awaiting Justice Edward M. Morgan's Judgement...

Victoria Kakegamic with Joseph McLeod 
(Red Lake, Ontario, July 2008)

The following is a letter of support of members of the Norval Morrisseau's biological family to Mr. Joseph McLeod (1928-2017):

"February 12, 2014


Re: Joseph McLeod

Regarding the allegations against Joseph McLeod we the children believe they are false. Mr. McLeod met our father in the late 1950's and continued following out father's artistic career and collecting his work.

We do not believe that Joe McLeod is involved in a fraud ring regarding out father's art. We do not believe there is a fraud ring. In the 1980's as Dean of Arts at Seneca College he had our father come and be Artist in Residence.

We have viewed our father's paintings in Maslak McLeod Gallery and in past catalogues and declare that the paintings are authentic.

We grew up watching our father paint and our opinion should be respected in regards to what is authentic.

Throughout the decades Mr. McLeod has been a friend to the family of Norval Morrisseau. He has showed us respect and we surely give it back to him.

Signed, the children of Norval Morrisseau"

~ A letter of support by Norval Morrisseau's biological family
  to Mr. Joseph McLeod (1928-2017) dated February, 12, 2014
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