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Kevin Hearn Vs. Joseph B. McLeod and Maslak McLeod Gallery Inc.

/Court File No. CV-12-455650/
Awaiting Justice Edward M. Morgan's Judgement...

An Insurmountable Burden of Proof

“He’s just some random dude on the internet,”

Lawyer Jonathan Sommer about Mr. John Goldi CSC

"Spirit Energy of Mother Earth",  © 1974 Norval Morrisseau
~ Click HERE to view the inscription on canvas VERSO
Provenance: Purchased from Kahn Auctions in Pickering, Ontario; sold to Mr. Kevin Hearn by Mr. Joseph McLeod (1928-2017) of Maslak McLeod Gallery (Toronto, Ontario) & exhibited at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) on June 11th, 2010 (click HERE)

The following copyrighted sections are an excerpt taken from, “,” and used with permission from the author John Goldi CSC.

"Submitting for the Defence in Hearn v McLeod, on September 23, 2017 forensic handwriting expert Kenneth J Davies authenticated the BDP signature on the back of “Spirit Energy of Mother Earth 1974,” as absolutely being that of Norval Morrisseau and no one else’s, with all the certitude that his credentialed scientific training and expertise could muster.

(Davies was backing that up with his bank of no fewer than 141 “known” Morrisseau signature comparators on multiple media.)
Davies affirmed it all, without a single reservation, in a video link to the court room, on Feb. 8, 2018."

In summary, Sommer failed utterly to undermine, or discredit in any way, the Defence written by Brian Shiller for Joe McLeod, the authenticity of the painting, the rectitude of Joe McLeod, the scientific judgment of Kenneth J Davies, and the science of forensic handwriting analysis which he brought to bear to authenticate “Spirit Energy” and the other three Hearn v McLeod related forensic reports.

The Plaintiff’s lawyer, Jonathan Sommer, failed, utterly, to meet the test he himself outlined he had to meet, on Dec. 4, 2017.
No one knows what Justice Morgan will rule, even though the Sommer Dream Team, via Ritchie Sinclair, has published wildly all over the internet since Dec. 8, 2017, that they have won! 

And that it was a Slam Dunk thanks to Carmen Robertson!!!

If that is true then it is now up to Justice Morgan to do what Jonathan Sommer himself, hugely failed to do in court, to meet what I consider a totally impossible and insurmountable test that a winning decision for this lawsuit requires.

Which is why it has NEVER happened before. In every single previous lawsuit contest – without a single exception – the Sommer Dream Team AKA the KRG/NMHS Combine have lost decisively against those combating the biggest fraud in Canadian art history.
Justice Morgan would then have what I consider an insurmountable burden of proof to show how Jonathan Sommer managed to convince him he has met the Burden of Proof, by clearly laying out his evidence that shows, without a smidgen of doubt, and backed up by a mountain of evidence how:

– the painting is “fake”
– the signature is “fake”
– the seller is a “fake”
– the scientist is a “fake”
– the science he uses is “fake”
– that Judge Martial was badly deluded, misinformed, misguided, and mistaken– that Justice Sanderson was badly deluded, misinformed, misguided, and mistaken

We look forward to the substantiation."
Excerpts from Article by John Goldi CSC, copyright 2018.

Text: Courtesy of

Article illustrations/links: Ugo Matulic

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